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Franco goes into Keela's room and sits next to her bed. She asks him to lie down with her, but Franco says that he can't sleep tonight because he's afraid. His voice breaks as he admits it. Keela says, "Lay down. I'll keep you safe." Franco lies down next to her in the bed, and Keela puts her little hand over his neck as Franco cries.

Tommy enters the House of a Thousand Cats and finds Teddy eating steak ice cream. You heard me. Teddy explains that it's called Beefstachio, and that he offered it to Ben & Jerry's but that they weren't interested. Tommy's kids are all asleep. Teddy asks if Tommy saw Miami Mike, and Tommy says that he didn't because he had "more important things to do." Like what? We know Tommy didn't make it home in time to pick up his kids, so what has he been doing since he got the phone call? This episode is confusing. Teddy predicts that, without his stash, Tommy will be in for a long night. Tommy sits down in a chair and stares at his sleeping children.

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Rescue Me




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