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Chief walks into his kitchen and sees someone working under the sink. He assumes it's his son, Pete, but it's actually a dude named Steve. After yelling at the guy for a while, Chief finds out that Steve is Pete's partner. Chief shakes Steve's hand, and says that due to Jeannie's situation, Steve isn't the first stranger that Chief has run across in his house. Steve understands, and Chief is very amicable, considering his usual feelings about Pete's sexual orientation. Steve notes that we never know how long we have in this life, and Chief thinks that's exactly the attitude and Steve and Pete should take in Ah. He thinks Steve is Pete's business partner, not his life partner. Chief wants to know more about this business, and Steve mulls over how to answer this question. Pete shows up and gives Steve a big hug, and Chief finally figures it out.

Lou runs into Sandra at a bakery, and she makes small talk with him. Lou tries to get through the awkwardness. Sandra reports that she's just getting out of a relationship with a soap actor, and that good-looking men are high-maintenance. Sandra also couldn't stand the guy's wife, but she thinks the relationship was hot because it was so wrong. Paula Devicq looks a little less Skeletor than on her last appearance, but her hair is just bad. Too blonde and greasy. She also needs to ease up on the Botox. Lou says that he sold his house and can't buy another one until his divorce gets settled. Sandra doesn't care, and wants to know if Lou is dating anyone. Lou lies that he's dating a woman named Linda. He describes her very specifically, which is a bad idea because then he can't pretend with a photo of his cousin or something later. Lou describes how great Linda is, and then get to the part that Sandra wants to hear when he says that Linda is "a little possessive."

Connor and Katie are hanging out at the House of a Thousand Cats. Connor sneezes, probably due to the aforementioned Thousand Cats. Pa yells at Teddy, who is sitting near the door. Teddy reports that he has a direct line to the security guy at the front desk, in case "Janet tries to bum-rush the place." I can't tell you how much I enjoy the phrase "bum-rush," for some reason. I use it all the time. Almost as much as I say "grody." I'm clearly living in the past. Anyway, Connor sneezes, and Pa yells at him for sneezing, and Mrs. Ng yells at Pa for yelling. There's just a lot of yelling. Mrs. Ng suggests that Pa help her teach the children, so apparently she's homeschooling them. Colleen walks in and reports that the computer crashed again and now she'll never finish her report. Mrs. Ng can afford that place and all those cats and she can't buy a new computer?

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