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Teddy says he's out of there. He runs into Tommy in the hallway and is shocked that Tommy got by the guy at the front desk. Tommy quietly tries to remind Teddy about the pill thing they talked about recently, and Teddy promises to make sure that "Miami Mike" gets in touch with him. I don't think I want anyone named "Miami Mike" getting in touch with me for any reason, and not just because it reminds me of Fratty Mike from The Real World.

Tommy walks into the House of a Thousand Cats, and no one reacts at all. He chastises his kids for not greeting him. Tommy walks over and just stares at his father, who has just received a fresh alcoholic beverage from a butler or something. Mrs. Ng anticipates a fresh confrontation and gets the Gavin kids out of the room. Pa offers to give Tommy some money to help him to get started on his own place. Tommy says he'll get it all figured out in a few weeks, and Pa relents. Tommy thinks it's going pretty well, and Pa relaxes and talks about how Mrs. Ng is "a whiz at math" because -- and I know you see this one coming -- she's Asian. Tommy wants to make sure Teddy has the place "completely locked down," because Janet could really cause problems if she shows up. Pa just takes a sip of his drink, and Tommy asks if Pa is just drinking all day now. Pa says he's old, retired, and married to "a much younger woman who's not only rich but likes to bang [his] brains out at least three times a week." He explains that he's not drinking; he's in a perpetual toast.

Franco, on his cell phone outside the firehouse, asks his mother if Keela brushed her teeth. Franco, with the vehemence of someone who recently almost lost everything, says he loves both his mother and Keela, and hangs up. Laura walks out and asks after Keela, and then says that she's worried about Franco. Unbeknownst to them, Garrity overhears the whole conversation. Laura says that they keep pretending this whole thing was about Keela making it, but they aren't talking about the other situation. Franco says that there aren't any pills left in his apartment. Laura says that Franco needs to talk to someone, and that she understands if it's not her. Franco just says, "Yeah," and walks off.

Lou tells Tommy about seeing Sandra the other day, and how he was caught off guard, so he tried to channel Tommy. Tommy gets pissed off and reminds Lou that he told the guys that when they get the urge to channel Tommy, they should pretend to take a piss and call him. Lou adds that he knows Tommy has a gift, and that it can't be learned. Lou reports that he described his imaginary girlfriend, but that the problem is that he could never get such a girl. Lou thinks that Sandra bought it, but now she wants to see him out with this girlfriend. Tommy says that God invented whores for just this situation. Lou says, "I never even thought of whores!" Hee. Tommy says another firefighter told him about a website where you can choose a whore from a bunch of pictures, thought it's costly. Lou says that Tommy really does have a gift. Tommy says, "Yeah, from God or Satan. That's the problem with gifts. No card, no credit."

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Rescue Me




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