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In the locker room, Garrity finds Mike and asks if he can keep a secret. Mike: "Not really." Heh. Dumb and Dumber go back and forth for a while, and Garrity blurts out that Franco has a drug problem. But that's not the good part. Garrity reports that he went to an NA meeting with Franco, and that it was "packed with tail." Garrity thinks it was great that the chicks were vulnerable, "like putty in your hands, except the kind of putty you have sex with." Mike: "I didn't know they made that kind of putty." Garrity shows off the phone number he got, and Mike asks to go to the meeting with him next time. Garrity is more than happy to share the wealth.

Mick shows up at the firehouse to return Tommy's sunglasses, since he left them at the park. Tommy thinks that's a feeble excuse, and Mick sits down and sighs, "Father Murphy." Tommy still thinks Father Murph is a great guy, and uses it as an opportunity to segue into a conversation about Mariel, and how hot she is. Mick says that Johnny already called him to find out "where the church stood on half-brother/half-sister relations." Tommy pretends to be outraged, and then asks where the church stands. Mick tells Tommy to ask his new pal, Father Murph. Tommy thinks Mick is jealous. Mick brings up his suspicions about Father Murph and Ricky. Tommy tells him to relax, but Mick is sure he's right.

Tommy's back in the hospital with the Burn Victim Kid (BVK) and BVK's mom. BVK is still unconscious. BVK's mom gives a long speech about how she took her time with her son for granted, and just worked really hard to save up money. She asks if Tommy has kids, and whether he spends a lot of time with them. Tommy makes a joke about his three kids. BVK's mom says seriously, "You've gotta spend time with them, Tommy. Enjoy them while you can." Tommy stares at her as she kneels down and starts praying, and then he makes a quick exit.

Chief arrives home. He hears sex noises from upstairs and assumes that Jeannie has made another new friend. He runs upstairs and opens Jeannie's bedroom door, only to find her alone and asleep. The noises continue, and Chief realizes that it's Peter and his partner. He hears Peter yelling, "Do me, Daddy! Do me, hard!"

Chief sits downstairs in the kitchen. Steven comes down and tries to make conversation, but Chief won't speak. Peter walks in and seems surprised that his father is home. Chief still won't speak. Steven asks if Chief wants to go to the Mets game with them, which is sweet, considering how Peter said he'd love to go to a game with his dad sometime. Chief finally speaks, and says that he's lived in his house for forty years, and never considered selling it, but that now all his happy memories have been washed away. Peter makes the mistake of saying "Daddy," and Chief explodes that Peter shouldn't ever use that word again, and then pretends he's mad that Peter did it with his mother right down the hall. If Peter were with a woman, I'm sure Chief would just chuckle and slap his back and congratulate him. Peter says that he and Steven express their love like anyone else. Chief says he can't stand to look at his son, and Peter says that the feeling is mutual. Jeannie walks in and says that all of her boys are up and waiting for their breakfast. Chief turns away from his son and says that Peter needs to go. On his way out, he whispers his true concern to Peter: "You told me you were the man."

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Rescue Me




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