Two Rivers

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Coffin Jacob

Caleb rinses off his bloody hammer in the garage. And Marty is suddenly there in the door with some questions. So they go back into the idyllic, sunlit kitchen, and Marty says he's with immigration and customs, but he used to be a cop. It is still not clear what Marty's actual job is, nor why he has decided this entire town is his responsibility. He looked Caleb up (somehow, on something) and discovered that he used to be a drifter who was arrested three times, including once for stealing a bunch of copper pipe. That was a long time ago, not even counting the time he spent dead. But Marty says, "In my experience, people like you don't change." This guy is our hero? He seems like a judgmental jerk, even if he's right in this one case. Caleb says everyone's made mistakes. Marty is determined to find out why he's lying about what happened thirteen years ago, because that's obviously more important than the reality-shattering idea of dead people coming back to life. He hasn't even done a DNA test on this guy! Caleb says he doesn't want to talk about dying, and then he makes up a bunch of nonsense about having a sense of peace and hearing music. And now that he's finished razzing Marty, he says that he told Jacob to lie about who he is because Marty's going to keep poking at him. Caleb claims he came back to protect his family, but, he adds, "We both know it's not going to end well for that kid." Marty tells him to stay away from Jacob, or it won't end well for him. Caleb's the only person in the world (as far as we know) with any idea what Jacob's going through. I'm just saying.

Henry gets his wrist looked at by Maggie, who continues to be the only doctor in town. He claims it was just a muscle cramp, but she wants an X-ray and blood work. There's a pause, and Henry asks what they found in the coffin. She says, "We found Jacob's remains. Everything was normal." That's not normal. I'm actually more bothered by his clothes being duplicated than by a new version of Jacob being spawned. Is that weird? He decides to leave, rather than wait around to find out what's wrong with his arm. But on his way out, Marty is on the way in. Henry snarls, "I hope it was worth it." Marty is more philosophical as he answers, "So do I." Marty tells Maggie that Caleb's hiding something, so it's time to pry into his death. Maggie says that when the news of Caleb's death hit, she was at Elaine's. Caleb was brought into the hospital from his hunting shack, and he was DOA with a massive coronary. They leave to go look at the shack.

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