Two Rivers

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Coffin Jacob

Now they're in the police car. Fred is in the back (as the "robber") and Jacob's happily pretending to use the radio to report the criminal. And he's running the lights, which is probably fun, but it makes me wonder if the radio is turned on. Fred asks if the mysterious man that Jacob described at the scene of his drowning pushed his aunt Barbara. Jacob says he was trying to save her: "He was holding on to her, trying not to let her go." Fred asks, "What are you?" Good question! Jacob doesn't want to address that, which I think is reasonable. And it's time for sandwiches! So I guess Fred believes that Jacob is what he seems to be.

Elaine finds Caleb in her office. He's impressed by the speed of the internet, which is the first time a resurrected person has noticed that the world is not exactly the same as it was when they died. Good man. Although there's a lot more differences on the Internet than just speed, when you compare 2000 to now. He brought her the same lunch she used to eat as a kid, and she breaks down crying, saying, "It's just been so long since someone's taken care of me." He thinks she could have gotten married by now, but she says, "Between Mark and Ray and the house," there hasn't been a lot of time. Whoever Mark is, he has not made much of an impression on the show so far. She starts to tell him about whatever it is that Ray needs, but he cuts her off and they hug.

Marty and Maggie continue to stroll along the river. She describes a couple of the points of interest on the river. About a mile up that way was a Civil War battle where the two rivers merged, and the river turned red with blood. And not far downstream, a flood destroyed an Osage village. Marty asks if anything good ever happened at this river, and she lightly answers, "Well, as it turns out, when you die, it's not an irreversible condition." They laugh. That's a weird thing to do. And by the way, shouldn't this river have a name?

Maggie suddenly remembers that half of Caleb's ashes were spread around this area, so she grabs some river water on the theory that maybe the river did something. Marty sarcastically says, "And the river somehow magically brought them back to life." She answers, "What, as opposed to something un-magically bringing them back to life?" Seriously. It's not like they're going to find a perfectly logical explanation to any of this, so they might as well try everything they can think of. But I'm still really interested in Jacob returning in the clothes he was buried in. And Caleb had the note that Elaine slipped into his jacket, so it looks like there's a snapshot taken of their physical state right when the coffin closes, rather than when they die.

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