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Coffin Jacob

And then! There's a shot! Three guys in camo and carrying rifles come out of the woods. Maggie knows them, and she calls the lead guy "Gary." Marty introduces himself as "Federal Agent Martin Bellamy," and I think he's overplaying his position to such a degree that he might be committing a felony here. The men walk off and Maggie calls them the "Arcadia welcome committee." They're pretty bad at their job, then. It's the third episode! Where were they in the premiere?

Fred walks into a bar called "The Newton" and orders a whiskey, straight. He delivers a monologue to the bartender lady, who doesn't seem to know what's going on. A few guys along the bar are also listening. Fred says he just found out his wife was unfaithful to him before she died, and he'd hoped the guy killed her. Because then he could track him down, and "there isn't a town in this State that I couldn't track him down. That wouldn't be hard at all." Couldn't he move to a different state? Incidentally, he might actually be in Newton, Missouri, because he wasn't entirely clear at the beginning of the scene. If that's true, it's four hours away from Arcadia. Anyway, he remembered his daughter and decided he couldn't kill this man. He ends his speech by saying, "Then again, if that bastard ever shows his face to me..." And then he drinks his whiskey and leaves. The bartender turns and raises her eyebrows at the man at the far end of the bar, who we didn't see until just now. It's the bald man! His name's Sam Catlin. Someone brings him two bags. Apparently Fred tracked him down at a bar and decided to go in and threaten to kill him in front of several witnesses. Good plan, Fred! I don't see any way this could go wrong. It's also totally going to give you closure.

Marty and Maggie come up on Caleb's shack. There's a hole that I think looks like an open grave, which they agree is weird. In fact, there are a lot of holes dug in the area, although most of them are round, rather than being rectangular. Marty asks how many there are. Enough to fill the Albert Hall?

Langston house. Lucille asks Henry what Maggie said about his hand. He claims that it was "That I'm old and falling apart." She says she doesn't care if the new Jacob were a complete stranger, "The man I married would never treat a child that way." He tells her their son is in the tomb: "There are two. Now what am I supposed to do with that?" Well, I feel like you have two basic choices. Either you think your son has been miraculously reincarnated, in which case you should be nice to him, or you think that this is some kind of impostor or replicant or something, in which case you want him out of your house. This middle-of-the-road strategy where you let Jacob stay in your house but are just kind of rude and cranky about it? That's just weird. Henry stomps off. Drink!

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