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Coffin Jacob

Tom carries a box of gift bags through the hallways of the church, and I like the continuity here. Those are the gifts that Jacob and the other kids were working on earlier in the episode! He passes a sign announcing a board meeting in progress, and he goes inside, ignoring the "Do Not Enter" sign. The board comes to a decision, which is that until they understand Jacob, he and Lucille are barred from the church. Tom asks, "He's a little boy. What are you afraid of?" Well, Tom, they're presumably afraid that he's some kind of demon. They tell him that Caleb Richards is back, and he says, "How--?" Well, the same way, I'd imagine. Tom refuses to ban anyone. He says it's his church, but the Board says it's "our" church. I don't know the internal power structure of this church, but I think when the dead are walking the streets, they should probably be preparing for a big influx of attendees. I personally am not a believer, but that's the sort of thing that can make a man question himself.

Henry sits in his workshop, which is full of wood and tools. Jacob opens the door and looks at him. Just does a lot of staring at people, but I'm going to chalk that up to psychological trauma. Henry ignores him until Jacob gets right up to his face, then he tells Jacob to sand something. Jacob suggests they build a boat. "Like before." There's an old boat up on the shelf. Henry looks conflicted. Jacob sands a piece of wood, slowly and badly.

Marty wonders if Caleb dug all these holes, which of course he did. In the grave, Marty finds the face that was peeping through the dirt. It's a rubber mask. Maggie thinks it's creepy, but it's one of the least creepy things you could find in there. Marty tells her not to move because they're being watched. He un-holsters his gun, which is the first time I've realized he has a gun. Did he always have a gun? Whoever it is runs away and Marty chases after him. It's Ray. What the hell, Ray? Ray denies digging the holes, saying "He did." He doesn't want to call him "Caleb" or "Dad." Ray declares, "I've been watching him. I know who he is."

The three of them return to Ray's bedroom, where he has a small crazy-person collage set up on his bulletin board. Ray says Caleb hardly sleeps and constantly eats. And he's been sneaking around, although that's a natural reaction to discovering that someone is following you around and making a crazy-person collage. Ray's been doing some sneaking of his own, in fact. He has some news clippings that say that when Caleb died, the dam flooded, and it was the same day that a small aircraft crashed in a field three counties over. There were officially no survivors. Ray's conclusion: "It wasn't a plane. It was a spaceship. And that man, he's an alien." They are dismissive of this theory, although I feel we're still too early to rule anything out. Marty notes that there's a clipping with the headline "No suspects in Arcadia Bank & Trust armored car robbery." Ray is happy to hand over the whole file of information.

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