Two Rivers

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Coffin Jacob

Caleb and Ray work together on a motorcycle. Caleb reminisces about working on a satellite dish together. Ray happily explains a washer that sits on the transmission, and then he gets paranoid again. Elaine watches, happily.

Jacob lies in bed, asleep. Henry comes in and pulls the covers up. He looks at the boats on the night stand and seems conflicted. That might just be Kurtwood's default expression. He walks out. In the hall, Lucille shakes her head at him and walks away. He sighs and shuts Jacob's door before walking the other way.

Marty goes up to Gethard's house. He rings the doorbell, and then notices the door is ajar. He goes inside and sees the blood on the floor.

Meanwhile, Tom finds a broken glass pane on the door of the church. There's a little blood on his floor, so he follows that trail.

Marty finds Gethard's body. As was implied, his head has been smashed in, probably by a hammer. The implied series of events is that Caleb stole the money from the armored car, possibly with Dale, and then buried it at the shack before having a heart attack and dying. I don't think he gets to be angry that Dale took the money. When you die, your claim on the loot goes away. Although given that people have started coming back to life, it's possible that killing Dale isn't much of an overreaction.

Tom goes into the church part of the church. You know, the part with all the pews and the pulpit, not the part with the pews. A woman says she didn't have anywhere to go, but she saw his name on the sign outside. There's blood on her leg. Tom says, "Rachel." She asks, "Did I really die, Tom?" That's three people who have returned.

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