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Oops Center. Back with Spy Daddy and the disk. Dix is hanging with Marshall, waiting for the image to finish rendering. Spy Daddy goes to Dix's office and gets past Dix's assistant in the blink of an eye. At the same time, Syd and Vaughn are busy ripping open their freeze-dried Russian officer uniforms. Seriously. Where WERE these things? Did Contrivance Jones drop down from the elevator shaft and make a special freeze-dried uniform delivery? Like, what, were they, stapled to the lining of Syd's FIVE-INCH-SQUARE HANDBAG? I just…I don't know.

Oh. Fortunately, I don't have to know, nor do I have to care, because at this moment, both Syd and Vaughn have to disrobe in order to get into the uniforms. Syd makes a big deal about having to turn her back to Vaughn while undressing as Vaughn REMOVES HIS JACKET AND HIS SHIRT. Sigh. Rewind. Pause. Sigh. Syd totally checks him out in this scene, by the way. Hee. That's okay, Syd. We're all checking him out too. Sigh. Rewind. Pause. Sigh.

Spy Daddy. Again. Some more. Seriously. They're dragging this scene out to the NTH degree, dudes. Does Spy Daddy upload the program? Well, DUH. Is Marshall able to render Syd's face? Well, DUH. Before I can start throwing things at my screen, we're back with Syd and Vaughn, now fully dressed as Russian soldiers. Vaughn hacks into the video surveillance feed, and we see a bunch of dead guards. Uh-oh. Looks like little Sarkie got here first. Vaughn goes bad-ass all of a sudden, and he and Syd head into an elevator to do a little damage to Sarkie-kins.

Oops Center. Gee. I wonder if Spy Daddy will get the program uploaded in time? Or if Marshall will render the image? I wonder. By the way, I'm no genius or anything, but the image that's currently on the screen, the one Marshall's working so diligently on, well, IT LOOKS JUST LIKE SYD. Oh, man. I am SO not even getting into this. Fuck it. It's almost over.

Back with two thirds of the Terrible Triangle. Oransky's trying to nab Medusa as Sark orders his men around. The elevator dings and out come Syd and Vaughn, guns a-blazin'. Shoot shoot shoot, run run run, more shoot shoot shoot. And Spy Daddy! Will he upload the program? Will Marshall render the image? Would anyone like a Gummi bear? Aaaand back with Sark and Syd. Blah blah blah, whassup, sistah? Aaaand back with Spy Daddy. Oh, for fuck's sake. HE UPLOADS THE PROGRAM, OKAY? THE IMAGE DOESN'T GET RENDERED. MOVING ON.

Syd and Vaughn yammer at each other about blowing the place to shreds just to destroy Medusa. They shoot at something, a generator maybe. "Medusa is fried," says Oransky. Sark's all, we gotta bolt, dude. Oransky's all, screw that, I'm going after that bitch. Sark escapes. Oransky doesn't.

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