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Oops Center. Marshall's enjoying a cup of coffee when Spy Daddy and Mrs. Elephant enter his office. Jack's all, Marshall! Any luck? Marshall's all, yeah, considering our Russian security camera source, it's not too bad. The screen shot is basically the back of Syd's head and a portion of her face. Lazarey is in the background. Mrs. Elephant makes Marshall freeze and blow up the frame. IN A BRITISH ACCENT. I'm sorry. Am I repeating myself? The picture that comes up on the screen is primarily pixilated. Mrs. Elephant, in her NON-VIRGINIAN ACCENT, is all, that's not enough to identify her, is it? Marshall's all, oh, well, for everyone ELSE that's not enough. There's a lot of things Marshall can't do, apparently, and I'm not going to list them here -- but what he CAN do is extrapolate images from indistinct photographs. Mrs. Elephant's all, how long will it take you? Marshall's all, gimme 72 hours to identify this woman. Mrs. Elephant's all, good. Thank you. Jack just looks grimly at the entire procedure.

Mexico City. I got nothing funny on this, people. Particularly because they filmed in Mexico City LAST WEEK, and they're probably using the same DAMN FOOTAGE. If it's orange or yellow, it's a good bet they're in MEXICO CITY. Whatever. Syd's in this copper-colored van with Agent Sean, and she's donning this costume that, um, I think she sported back in a previous episode (don't email about WHICH episode, okay? I just spent the past twenty minutes looking for it). Poncho, braids, hat. Yeah, minus the hat, that's pretty much the outfit she sported in India or something. Agent Sean's all, aww yeah. You look good, girl! Syd's all, I'm gonna KILL the costuming department because, dude. Does this shit look RIGHT to you?

Agent Sean hands Syd a pair of sunglasses that, conveniently, have a camera built into their frame. There's some ultra-cute-cute between the two of them, hopefully signaling to us, the viewing public, that these two would make a GREAT COUPLE. As Syd goes to exit the van, Sean goes, "Syd, we're here for surveillance only, okay? Nothing tricky." Syd kind of looks back at him like, yeah. That's SO gonna happen. Syd exits the van.

Wendy Kroy: Oh, god.
Regina: What?
Wendy Kroy: What in the FUCK is she wearing?
Regina: A disguise.
Wendy Kroy: Okay, in MY world? We don't call that a disguise. We call that SHIT THEY SELL TO TOURISTS.

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