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Regina: Heh. Yeah. Poncho and sombrero. Marshall's "disguise" skills are second to none. I suppose, though, considering that he's the TECH GUY, he probably didn't attend the Fashion Institute of Technology or anything. I mean, what? Is the CIA cutting costs or something? They don't have a DISGUISE GUY?
Wendy Kroy: Honey? Drink. Now. Or I'll have to hang up.

Syd then walks into the main area (of what? oh, don't ask that question) and looks around. There's Sark. He looks like he's spotted Syd. Syd practically throws herself at a postcard carousel. She tells Sean that she's seen Sark and that he looks GOOOOD. Okay, she didn't say the GOOOOD part. But he DOES. As Syd watches, Oransky shows up and sits across from Sark. Syd takes a few shots of them. Sean uploads them, and Vaughn, Dixon, Marshall, and Mrs. Elephant see them on Marshall's screen. It should be noted that Mrs. Elephant looks pointedly at Mr. Elephant during this. Vaughn just ignores her. I'm not sure why she's looking pointedly at her husband, except perhaps it's the creators' way of showing what a jealous evil bitch she is or something. I really don't know.

Back in the Disney backlot…oops! I mean, "Mexico City," Syd watches as Oransky pulls some pictures out of his briefcase, closes the briefcase, and drops the photos on top. Syd's all, I gotta get closer to get shots of this. Sean's all, don't get TOO close. Vaughn's watching carefully. Mrs. Vaughn's watching Mr. Vaughn carefully. YEAH. WE GET IT. SHE'S ALREADY JEALOUS. Just do us all a favor and get rid of her, okay?

Syd moves closer and turns near a spinning tower of sunglasses. She watches and takes photos through the sunglasses viewing mirror as Oransky and Sark blah blah about someone revealing themselves and how the pictures Oransky's taken are the new target. Sark likes the name of whatever this thing is: Medusa. Marshall's all, the images are good, sir. He looks up at Dix. Dix gets the message and tells Syd to get the hell outta there. Unfortunately, Oransky's seen Syd and her frankly BLATANT attempts at eavesdropping, and he says, "That woman is watching us." Syd bails just in time and runs out to the market area. Worst. Spy. EVER.

"Retriever, I think I've been made," she says. You THINK? I mean, perhaps if you hadn't been BENDING OVER THEIR TABLE AND LICKING THE PICTURES, they wouldn't have fucking NOTICED you, dumbass! Sean's all, "Mountaineer, stay put. I'm comin' in." Dix, on the horn, tells Sean that he should stay put because the exits might be blocked. On Sark's end, Oransky's all, she may have seen the photos! Sark's all, then make sure she didn't.

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