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At this rate, the world will never end
Evidently, Professor Lampley is in a frisky mood today. His description of Earth as a battleground for good and evil is an interesting one, but I'm not sure how his students feel about these little side trips. I mean, he is supposed to be lecturing about astrophysics, isn't he? If he must go off topic, does he take requests? I'd love to hear a lecture on Aquaman next week. But then, I long for the day when universities will offer Aquamanology as a major program and include a course that teaches you how to communicate with giant sea cucumbers.

Those are lovely opening credits. They're so swirly and pretty and sparkly! What a nice contrast to how dim and gloomy the rest of the show has been so far.

And it's still gloomy, as various nuns from Josepha's BatConvent escort her and Richard inside and out of the rain. Sister Josepha mentions how grateful she is for Richard's help in transporting ComaGirl to Pennsylvania. Well, I should think so! That's quite the drive from Florida. And as I recall from when I messed up my elbow in Texas, the EMT told me that you should always try to ride to the hospital in your own car, if you possibly can, because ambulance shocks are so bad. At least in a regular ambulance they give you morphine. What did Dr. Richard do when Josepha started in on her four-thousandth Bible quotation?

Right now he's suggesting the nuns get themselves a lawyer, since the Miami hospital authorities vowed to get ComaGirl back. An older nun named Sister Francine reassures him that only "papal authority" can open the gates to the BatConvent. Richard comments that it's "nice to have the Vatican on your side." Francine says her convent "wouldn't know" due to "complex issues." Richard wants to explore those issues, but Francine is deliberately vague. Josepha explains that Richard is a professor, which would account for his boundless curiosity. When Sister Francine politely asks about Richard's specialty, he thinks he's getting back at her by telling her he deals with "complex issues." Francine makes him think he's clever by cooing, "Checkmate!" She really shouldn't encourage him like that.

She goes on to speculate that the Pope would be peeved if people stopped using him as the conduit for their prayers to Jesus in heaven. They might stop doing that if Jesus were found to be on earth instead of in heaven. And since all Josepha's BatConvent friends are intent on proving the end of the world is coming and that Jesus is here on earth, the Church does not like them. That all sounds a little too conspiracy theory to me, but considering that in our household Easter Sunday is celebrated as Bunny Appreciation Day, I'm probably not the best authority on the subject.

Francine gives us her impassioned argument for why the End Days are upon us. She describes it as the time when "Christ will reappear, stalked by the Antichrist, for a confrontation between good and evil that will scorch the very face of the earth." Okay, but they better get cracking with the special effects, and soon, because all the Bible quotes and panicky threats with nothing to back them up are starting to wear kind of thin for me. Who'd have thought the end of the world would be so bloody dull?

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