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At this rate, the world will never end
Josepha finally gets to the good part and claims that "the Bible has left a blank to be filled in by man." Sister Francine claims Josepha's viewpoint makes her a "visionary," and is not just some hack writer's idea of a plot to sustain an "event series" through six episodes. The younger nun intends to find Jesus and "protect him," in order to "forestall the confrontation between good and evil." Okay, then, good luck with that. I can't help but feel that all this is somehow insulting to God. Shouldn't He be smiting these inane and annoying characters with a lightning bolt by now? Or is that just my confused and pagan wishful thinking?

Sister Josepha thinks that if she can forestall the good-versus-evil confrontation, maybe "mankind will do its part," whatever the hell that's supposed to be. No one tells us. They're too busy trying to get Richard to help them. With what, exactly? Well, he could write a book about all this. Yes, and he could also write a book about watching potatoes boil, and I don't think anyone would publish that one either. Besides, Richard is here because he thought the BatConvent people would help him find his daughter, who was killed by Satanists; he's not looking for Jesus or the Antichrist. Josepha is stretching so hard that I fear she'll dislocate something when she says, "Perhaps that is how your daughter intended you to find her." Even that is not enough to convince Richard, though.

He may not believe, but he is shaken up when he shows up at the airport and the ticket agent calls him by name. Does Richard suspect Satanists will start showing up everywhere? Because that already happened in the Winona Ryder movie about Satanists that really shouldn't scare me but does anyway. Oh, come on! That movie was better than this miniseries so far! And at least the plot kind of made sense. So the ticket agent tries to explain away his recognition of Dr. Richard by saying he resides in Boston, implying that Rich has been the subject of much local media coverage. The agent says he's "sorry" for the doctor's loss, but it kind of looks like he's smirking right after he says it. At least the security guard by the metal detector doesn't sneer at him. He does call Dr. Rich by name, but it's because he's reading his name off the boarding pass, not because of Satan or anything.

We are treated once again to that old technique of using a fake news broadcast for exposition. That never gets stale or tired! In this case, "Satanist Isaiah Haden" is out of solitary confinement and back in the general prison population, at his own request. And that's news? Really? Just how slow a news day does it have to be for this to make it to your television? Especially the part about "an injury to [Isaiah's] hand that required microsurgery." Heh. That is a pretty entertaining reference to his lopped-off finger, but I don't know that I'd call it news, exactly. In other non-news, Isaiah is threatening a hunger strike unless he's given access to the press to deliver his "message."

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