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At this rate, the world will never end
Richard catches part of this broadcast on the plane. Right before landing, he bothers the flight attendant to fetch his coat. She pretends to give a rat's ass about the coat, but you can tell she'll never get to it. Just then, serious turbulence sets in. Richard gets up to investigate and discovers that there is no one in the cockpit flying the plane! Then he sees that all the passengers have disappeared and his daughter Lucy is in the aisle with her bike. Okay, this is kind of spooky at least, especially when Lucy asks him to help her to heaven and then gets a big red stain on her t-shirt in the general vicinity of where her heart would be if Isaiah hadn't, you know, viciously ripped it out. It's all a hallucination, though. Or is it?

It's enough to make Dr. Richard join Sister Josepha for a visit to the head of the Eklind Foundation in New York. We learn that he decided to get to New York by train. Heh. Who can blame him?

The Eklind dude is particularly effusive with his compliments as he tells Richard, "If I'd sent God a want ad, he couldn't have supplied a better man for the job." Oh, please. I've read fortune cookie messages more accurate than that. Richard is easily taken in, though, and he sticks around to hear the Eklind Foundation's theory that a nun who claimed she was impregnated by God died during a ferry accident, in which everyone onboard died except the "miracle baby" found in the sea. That would be the Miracle Satan Baby the Greek people were so happy about last week. Richard is a tad skeptical, but he does point out that a "virgin birth" could be proven through genetics. Astrophysics, you say? No, genetics. He says the genetic makeup of a baby with no father would "read like a clone." Josepha finds that remarkable, but I say it's not nearly as remarkable as the fact that these freaks at the Eklind Foundation -- which probably has more money than God -- never even thought to try consulting any medical experts before now.

There's a bit more of the convoluted arguing from Josepha, which I will skip because it's making my head hurt. But you just know that no matter how wacky her rationale, Rich is going to join her to look for Miracle Satan Baby in Greece.

ComaGirl is still moving her lips while Mother Francine says some Hail Marys. Francine claims that ComaGirl is still spouting scripture. Whoop-de-freakin'-do. Oh, and she's changed from quoting the book of Revelation to quoting the book of John. Okay, but can she tell me why Aquaman thought throwing balls of water at the bad guys while underwater would have any effect on them at all?

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