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At this rate, the world will never end
The writers take a sad pass at giving the ComaGirl subplot some validity by having her talk about the island of Patmos, which, of course, is where Miracle Satan Baby is waiting for them. This guess is confirmed by having someone throw some sort of a dead animal's head through Richard's window. That's almost as funny as when the closed captioning describes him as dialing 911, but then when someone answers the phone, we learn that in Richard's world, dialing 911 gets you the campus police. Smart move, Richard. If I were being targeted by dangerous people and needed to call someone to protect me, I'd for sure call the guards who arrive unarmed and have little recourse but to yell at the perps. I mean, wouldn't you? Richard leaves a message for Hawk's daddy, telling him that they need to get a bodyguard for Hawk.

Richard prepares for his trip to Patmos by giving out some instructions to delightful Martin Starr, a.k.a. Bill Haverchuck, a.k.a. Rubio, Richard's intern. Basically, Dr. Rich wants Bill to research the location of Miracle Satan Baby, as well as details about the mother of the baby. Only Martin Starr could deliver the next line the way it needs to be delivered: "Sorry, but is that normal for an astrophysicist to do?" I know I don't have religion myself, but I'm starting to wonder if a church devoted to Martin Starr might not be such a bad idea. He can even make a success out of cheesy lines like referring to Richard and Josepha as the "nutty professor and the flying nun." It even cracks me up when he says, "I'll be available on my cell phone," but I think you may have to see that in person to get the full Bill Haverchuck effect.

On the plane to Greece, two hot women are checking out Richard. He seems especially pleased when Josepha suggests they are fashion models. Maybe this is what gives Richard the courage to start up some flirty banter with the nun. He asks her if she has any regrets about being a nun. No, but she does wish she could wear something red once in a while. He implies that she could wear red underwear, which shuts her up. He should keep that technique in mind for the next time she goes overboard with the Bible quotes. Her primness does discourage him, however, from asking her to join the Mile High Club with him.

Instead, he shows her a picture of his daughter and Hawk and explains that they used to be best friends. Hawk has changed since Lucy's death, though. And Josepha has changed since the death of her sister. Now she throws out weird platitudes about the pain she felt over her sister's death being a "testimony to the power of human love." Oh, that's comforting. I sure wish I'd had her around when I was first mourning the loss of my father and crying so often that eventually most of the skin came off my nose, making it look like Michael Jackson's. Yeah, that would have been a real party.

Richard gets up to retrieve something (his earplugs?) from the overhead compartment. As he stands up, there is some momentary turbulence, and the cabin lights flicker off and on. It's possible the fashion models are also Satanists, as evidenced by their strangely glowing eyes. Spooky! Well, sort of. When the lights come on again and Richard sits back down, he looks over at the "fashion models," who are still staring right at him intently. That would be kind of a fun prank to play on someone the next you're on a boring flight, don't you think? Until you got arrested, of course.

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