Hour 2

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At this rate, the world will never end
Hey, are those Satanists over there? The ones who are watching them leave?

When Richard and Josepha reach the church, they are dismayed to find it abandoned and burnt out. Richard automatically jumps to the most cynical conclusion and assumes they were set up for the reward money they'd offered for information on Miracle Satan Baby. Sister Josepha is upbeat as ever. If she tells Richard to turn his frown upside down, I'll clock her. At least she's trying to be logical. When Richard scoffingly refers to the "Christ child," Josepha says she cannot be sure this baby is Jesus because the evidence just isn't there. The ship that rescued him was destroyed; the people that he healed grew sick again and died; the church that sheltered him has been burned to the ground. Is that the sort of path that the son of God would leave behind?" Good point, Jo. She speculates that this may be a "false Christ" sent by Satan. That's right: Miracle Satan Baby! What have I been telling you all along?

Josepha natters on pointlessly for a while longer until she finally gets to the good stuff. Her question: "Could God and the devil be differentiated by DNA?" We don't get to hear the answer, because the church starts falling down around them. Unfortunately, Josepha emerges unscathed. Richard is down, though. If you ask me, Josepha bored him to death.

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