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Forget But Don't Forgive
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Snow falls in front of Emanda's out-of-focus face. Ems voice-over: "Absolution is the most powerful form of forgiveness -- a full pardon from suspicion and accountability. It's the liberation of a stolen future -- a future my father never lived to see." Emanda is in a graveyard. She clears off some snow from her father's grave and lays a single rose on it. VO continued: "Absolution is a mercy the people who killed him will never know."

A reporter speaks over a brief montage of protestors outside Rikers Island and Brooks meeting with Daniel. She says there is a great deal of suspicion from people who have closely followed "the new trial of the century" after Lee supposedly committed suicide and left a confession just before the defense was to present its case. The judge has been in her chambers all morning, presumably preparing to drop all charges on Daniel, but the reporter notes this certainly won't clear him in the court of public opinion. And rightfully so; the sweater he's wearing is unfortunate.

The Porter brothers watch this report from the Stowaway and are in full agreement. Jack suggests to Dec that if it turns out the Graysons are indeed behind all of this, he should avoid Charlotte. The new and improved Declan fires back at his brother sarcastically that it would be just like he did with Amily. Dec blames himself for Charlotte's current downward spiral, but Jack thinks that's all the more reason the Graysons wouldn't hesitate to harm him if he opened himself up to it.

Casa Emily. Ems reads a news clipping about her father's death in prison while sipping coffee. Nolan shows up and cracks wise about Emanda going over her wedding invitation list, assuming her plan to get her fiancée freed from prison works. (Why wouldn't it? She's Emanda) Actually, she's now going over a list of all the inmates involved in the prison riot and she can account for all of them. Though the trail's gone cold, Emanda knows from Conrad's conversation with Lee's murderer that this is likely a repeat of what happened to her father and they've simply covered up the killer's identity. For now, Emanda is off to see Charlotte because she's worried about her.

Grayson Manor. The massive, unfinished painting of Victoria now occupies an entire wall in the house. Victoria stares at it in pain. Conrad enters and, noticing his emotional triumph over his wife, decides to be an ass about his victory over Dominik. Ever proud, Victoria won't give him the satisfaction of admitting her anguish. Conrad expresses his disappointment. Victoria: "When I choose to react, you'll know it. And I guarantee that you'll not just regret each and every one of your petty little torments, but that the suffering you so glibly spread around will come back at you tenfold." It's nice to see there's a little bit of venom left in the broken Queen.

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