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Forget But Don't Forgive

Emanda knocks on Charlotte's bedroom door, whose immediate reaction is to think there's been some news about Daniel. Ems tells her there hasn't and gets invited into the room. She notices right away that Charlotte's bed is covered in photos and news clippings of their father. It's Charlotte's version of father-daughter time, she says. She adds that everything on her bed is all she could find in public records... and some things not public. Charlotte hands Ems a photo she found in Victoria's jewelry box. It's one Emanda's never seen before. Upon examination, Emanda finds that it's dated the same day he was murdered and he was busy writing in a journal. Charlotte needs to head to school, so Emanda sneaks a quick photo of the picture with her phone.

We're at Nolan's office. He fields a phone call from Emanda. She's demanding to know where the journal in the photo went because she's certain she never got it from Nolan. He nervously plays dumb and heads for his wall safe. He opens it and pulls out the journal. As he's walking to hide it, Emanda enters the room still talking to him on her phone. Busted! She slams Nolan up against the wall in a chokehold, snatching the journal from him. He insists he's just trying to protect her father's legacy since he was very paranoid and scared the last few months of his life. Emanda orders Nolan to stay out of this from now on or she'll make him stay out of it. She leaves with the journal. Nolan slides down the wall, sitting on the floor on the verge of tears.

Betrayed 3-D title card and commercials

Nightfall at Casa Emily. Emanda reads from her father's journal by candlelight. David voice-over: "From the moment of my arrest I sat stupid and trusting, believing in a system rigged against me by the people I knew as friends in a life that I can no longer remember." That sounds about right. FLASHBACK (It's been a while since one of these): David sits in the prison yard full of paranoia, looking around and scribbling. VO continued: "The closer I get to the truth, the louder the whispered voices around me, plotting my execution, choosing the time. I now know that I am trapped in a race between fate and freedom. Whichever wins out, I won't go quietly. Not again. C.M will come tomorrow with proof." The infamous riot breaks out. A prison guard with a U.S. Marshal patch on his arm and white hair stabs David in the confusion. /FLASHBACK. Emanda stares at the words "C.M. will come tomorrow with proof." She hops on her laptop to search the Grayson Global employee database, finding a Carole Miller. Unfortunately a GoQuestGo search turns up her obituary. She died in April of 2002, it says.

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