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Forget But Don't Forgive

Stowaway. Nolan is in the middle of telling Jack not to worry about Declan because he's hardly on the Graysons' radar right now. Emanda, however, is about to marry into that mess, Jack points out. Nolan awkwardly mentions that Emanda's not in the mood to take advice from him right now, but maybe Jack should talk to her. When asked what Nolan's going to do, he says he'll be busy actually running his business. Oh right... he has one of those. He quickly hugs Jack and leaves.

We're at Collins Prep for the first time. In an outdoor walkway, Charlotte is greeted by Distrust Fund Adam, who brings her news that she missed a quiz in "Econ" (blech) and also brings a new bottle of pills for her. She needs to make them last this time, he says. In TV speak, that means she's totally doping uncontrollably now. Declan rounds the corner and spots the two just as they each pop a pill. Adam notices him staring and naturally antagonizes him. Dec asks Charlotte if they can talk. No. She walks off with Adam.

Casa Emily. Emanda places a call to the archives department at a hospital to ask what their hours are. She stares at Carole Miller's death certificate on her laptop. There's a knock at the door. It's Jack. He quickly starts talking about Daniel, saying skeptically how amazing it is that everything worked out the way it has. The Graysons are powerful people, he says. Emanda dutifully fires back that Daniel didn't kill anyone. Jack gets frustrated with himself and decides he needs to come clean, but before he can Emanda's phone rings with a call from Daniel. They've dropped all charges against him. Jack can guess what the call is about, so he just excuses himself and says they can talk later.

Victoria meets with a man on a bench in a snow-covered park. He says she's had his business card for over six months, noting she's just now meeting him. "Timing's everything," Victoria says. Part of that timing is that she's cashed out her shares of Grayson Global, according to the man, whose name is Mr. McGowen. Pleasantries aside, Victoria's ready to get to business. She wants full immunity for information she's about to give him. McGowan's from the S.E.C. Oh. Oh dear. He says he can't grant her immunity until he knows what they're dealing with. That's fine. Victoria will just go above his head to his superiors or to the F.B.I. or C.I.A., whichever one wants to lay claim to a domestic terrorist. Uh... spit take! Terrorist?! McGowan's eyes get big with interest. He says he has to make a phone call before they can make a deal.

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