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Forget But Don't Forgive


The three have taken seats at Carole's breakfast table to go over what happened back when she worked at Grayson Global. Nolan had told her after he met David in prison that he believed David had been set up, so she began investigating on her own. She hooked up with Grayson Senior Accountant, Roger Halsted, who had discovered discrepancies in their books connecting Conrad to the terrorists. They were too late to relay this info to David before he was murdered. FLASHBACK: A young, badly coiffed Nolan urgently calls Carole while he drives. He tells her without explanation to get up from her desk at Grayson Global and leave to go into hiding. She walks right past Conrad and briefly makes eye contact with him, but gets out of the office. /FLASHBACK. Carole credits Nolan for saving her life by faking her death. Nolan asks Carole to tell Emanda about "the white-haired man." She goes on to describe a man who regularly met with Conrad in meetings off the books. He had icy blue eyes and a full head of white hair. He terrified even Conrad. When Carole gets up to tend to a kettle, Nolan gets closer to Ems to quietly explain that he couldn't provide Emanda the final journal because protecting his family was more important than her revenge. She understands completely because she would've done the same thing if she had the opportunity to protect her family.

Snowy winter shots of the Hamptons beaches transition us to a knock at Daniel's pool house door. He's as surprised as we are to see Jack. When Daniel demands to know what the hell he's doing there, Jack calmly hands him his own cell phone and explains he got it from Tyler's jacket the night he was murdered. The two slow gears in Daniel's head grind to a halt. Jack very quickly explains that he was on the beach that night, as well as what he saw. Dan wants to be angry that Jack was just going to let him fry, but Jack reminds him that he never claimed to know who the killer is. The one thing he's sure of is that the hoodie found on Lee was his, and he's semi-sure Dan's parents paid him to steal it. Dan's not following closely enough and when he says aloud, "And then what, convinced him to confess to the crime and hang himself?" he realizes just how stupid that sounds. Jack's telling him this because Dan owes it to Emanda not to get her involved in something like this. Jack leaves Daniel to think.

A large set of cutters remove a padlock from a locker. There's a group of kids watching a police officer and the school's headmaster crack open the locker. Charlotte comes running down the hall to yell that they have no right to be doing this, but it's too late. They've found her pills. She's in direct violation of the school's honor code and state law. Charlotte doesn't even digest this before flying over to blame Declan, who was in the crowd watching. He tries to say that he knows she needs help, but she slams him up against a locker in front of everyone and calls him pathetic. She adds she'll be telling her father to cut off his tuition.

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