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Forget But Don't Forgive

Brooks walks into the kitchen at Grayson Manor where Ashley sits reading. She gets up excitedly to greet her new boss. About that... Brooks says he's rescinded the offer after doing some digging on Victoria's recommendation and finding out Ash is the one who leaked photos of Daniel to the media. He can't have liars working for him when he's already busy protecting liars. Ash is shell-shocked. Conrad overhears this as he's walking by and out into the landing. His phone rings as he spots Victoria watching from the head of the stairs. She smiles. He answers a call from a receptionist at Grayson Global who says the feds are there seizing everything on the authority of the S.E.C. They want Conrad down at their office tomorrow morning to answer questions with his lawyer.

Emanda comes home to find Daniel waiting for her at the breakfast table. He notices happily that she's still wearing her engagement ring. Gradually, Dan takes Ems through the same thought process Jack did with him about Lee's involvement with getting his name cleared. He's decided to do his interview tomorrow. Emanda suggests maybe this interview's an opportunity to distance himself from the Grayson name and his family's dirty secrets. They hug it out. Dan says he's going to run home to grab his things to stay the night with her

While there, Dan happens upon Conrad sitting at his desk drinking into a deeper depression. He asks if his father's alright. He certainly isn't. Conrad says the family's on the verge of catastrophe and he suspects it's all Victoria's fault. This sounds like the type of marital crap Dan's heard his whole life until Conrad reveals Victoria paid to have Dan beat up in prison. Tumbling further down the rabbit hole, Dan asks if Lee's confession was legit. Conrad admits it wasn't and to having Lee killed. He does what he has to do to protect his family. Before Conrad will go any further in revealing anymore secrets, he asks Daniel to promise that he rebuild the company and protect his sister when the authorities come for him. He asks Dan to close the office doors before he continues. Emanda is listening in on the conversation with her laptop when Conrad says he needs to start from the beginning so Dan can understand what they did to David Clarke and "his innocent baby girl." Ems looks like she just overheard her parents talking about her Christmas gift and regrets it.


Victoria finds Charlotte in her room still poring over her David Clarke memorabilia. Charlotte tries to lie about having to get to school, but Victoria just got off the phone with the headmaster who told her about Charlie's suspension. Fast forward through some trademark Charlotte downward spiral self-deprecation and Victoria breaks down, asking how she can help her daughter if she won't let her. She tells Charlotte she won't find answers in pills or in Treadwell's book. That's when Victoria notices the prison photo of David. She's emotionally sideswiped. Charlotte says she had to seek out answers on her own because Victoria wouldn't provide any. Is this why Charlotte started taking drugs? Victoria seems to have realized she may be the reason behind her daughter's implosion.

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