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Forget But Don't Forgive

Interview time. Dan's being prepped with make-up on the pop-up set at Grayson Manor. Ems is there to give some words of encouragement. She reminds him he doesn't have to follow in his family's footsteps. Victoria walks up just as she's saying this and half-jokes about taking offense before asking to speak with her son privately. After a diatribe from the Queen about Emanda's moral high ground only giving her more distance to fall, Dan asks his mother why he was granted house arrest. He wants to know if she had anything to do with it. Victoria completely deflects it, demanding to know who's been putting such crazy ideas in her son's head. Ashley interrupts to tell Daniel it's time for the interview before he can get Victoria to admit anything. He takes a long look in the mirror after she walks off.

Daniel sits across from Nightline's Cynthia McFadden. She asks straight out of the gate if he murdered Tyler. Dan says they struggled for control of the gun, it went off and he'll never know what happened between Tyler and Lee after that. What does he think about all the vitriol aimed at him from the general public? He says simply that people should pay for their crimes. This gives McFadden a good segue into the S.E.C.'s investigation of Conrad. What does Daniel think about that? He looks at his parents and then at Emanda, who gives him an encouraging smile. Daniel chooses to completely back his father as a son and as a business partner. Emanda's face drops.


Conrad goes up to Daniel in the aftermath of the interview to briefly thank him. Emanda walks up next to ask him if it's really his plan to return to Grayson Global. Daniel points out that it's not impossible for him to be both his own man and his father's son. Ems can barely hold back her disgust. Victoria watches this whole exchange and then has her attention pulled away by Charlotte. She tells her daughter to get her coat.

Outside, Conrad leans up against a brand new Lexus. Ashley walks by and he calls out to her to say she's forgetting the key to her brand new [product placement]. He says she can either drive it out of the Hamptons forever or go park it in her new parking space at Grayson Global. Unlike Brooks, Conrad admires someone who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. Ash hops in the car and asks about Victoria. Conrad: "What both you and Victoria have yet to grasp is just how little she matters... to anyone." Ashley digs her new car.

Stowaway. Jack has just been told by Dec his tuition has been pulled by Charlotte. Nolan reaches for his wallet, and Jack objects, but Nolan makes a pretty damn good argument for his generosity. Someone once looked out for him when he needed it, Dec won't be relying on the Graysons anymore and he certainly deserves an education. Jack smiles, so Nolan makes a call to his accountant to cut a check to Collins Prep.

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