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The Manwhorian Candidate

Downstairs, Ashley and Victoria are planning an "upscale barbecue" for a Senator Tom Kingsly with his wife and his main advisor. Just as they're wrapping things up, Tom enters with Conrad and Daniel from a day of golfing. The senator makes mention of a candidacy speech, which leads us to believe he will be announcing his campaign for re-election at this event at Grayson Manor. Kingsly is ready to leave, but Conrad insists he should stay overnight instead of heading back to his hotel. Victoria doesn't seem too pleased about the imposition, but no time to dwell on that because Emanda shows up, running late and apologizing for missing the chance to help with the planning. We're treated to another instance of Victoria being flabbergasted at finding out someone she knows is an old acquaintance of Emanda's. Tom explains Ms. Thorne was a senior volunteer in his first campaign as she eyes his generic iPad. FLASHBACK: Emanda angrily watches a news clip explaining Tom Kingsly was the hotshot prosecutor in David Clarke's trial. /FLASHBACK. Kingsly is so excited to see Emanda that he invites her to stay for dinner at Grayson Manor. Victoria insists a girl like Emanda must have plans, and is relieved to be bailed out by Daniel, who says they indeed have plans together.

Back at Casa Emily, Emanda sits with her laptop and watches the newsreel about Kinglsy's involvement in the trial. He was a popular, young district attorney back then and the media was already speculating about his bright future in politics. Emanda pauses the video to pick up her phone and call Nolan. He's all hammy and greets here with, "Well, well, well. If it isn't the Thorne in everyone's side. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Emanda just doesn't know how to have fun with her minions. She very pointedly demands to know if Nolan could hack a tablet to run a PowerPoint presentation remotely. He says he can easily do it if he she'll tell him why, but Emanda has no patience for any of this. Nolan relents because he's surely just happy to hear another human voice and will do anything to make sure he doesn't end up old and alone. He says he'll need the IP address of the tablet, and Emanda informs him it's already in his inbox before rudely hanging up. She presses play on her trial video. The clip is now a press conference for Kingsly after the conviction of her father. He talks tough about upholding justice against a horrible man like David Clarke, and insists he will be prepared to answer the country's call for duty whenever and however he may be needed.

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