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The Manwhorian Candidate

Swooping in for the kill 3-D Revenge title card and commercials.

Grayson Manor. Conrad finds Victoria applying make-up at her bedroom vanity (which isn't even located in her bedroom) and asks if she likes her new necklace. Of course she does, but she's still angrier than she was before she received it because she now has a house full of unwanted guests. Conrad thinks it's because she doesn't like Tom's politics, but it's because she simply doesn't like Tom. Conrad reminds her that Kingsly has done more for them than they could ever repay as he snuggles up to her from behind. They look at themselves in the mirror as Conrad dangles the idea of them taking a romantic trip to Paris together so he can make things right. Victoria thinks that if he wanted to make things right he wouldn't have slept with her best friend. Her logic is sound.

Casa Emily. Emanda is watching and recording surveillance video of Kingsly entering a building on her laptop. Her upload of the video file to a remote server finishes when there's a knock at the door. She turns to see Daniel through the window on the terrace and quickly shuts her laptop before letting him in. She goes to grab her things from the bedroom and Daniel notices her gun in a half open drawer. He pulls it out and is still examining it when Emanda emerges from the bedroom. Daniel: "Aren't you full of surprises?" A tiny bit of relief washes over Emanda's face when she realizes Daniel isn't reading anything into this. She replies, "What can I say? I live alone." She snatches the gun from him, replaces it in the drawer and they're off to dinner.

Jack is holding a wake at the bar he now owns for the regular patrons. He makes a toast about his father's with to not have a funeral, but he never said anything about a wake. Dec isn't into this at all. Nolan catches the tail end of the toast and awkwardly chimes in that he'll be buying everyone the next round in honor of Carl. Jack's not swayed by the gesture and continues to put up a strong front in the face of Nolan's totally hetero advances. He's also unfazed by Nolan's order of a "Malibu Bay Breeze" and pours him a whiskey instead so he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in the fishermen's bar. Is Jack Nolan's straight eye for the queer guy!? Before Nolan can even start gingerly sipping his whiskey, he spots Dec's beat-up face and asks what happened. Declan is less than polite with his answer and seems to lump Nolan into the group of "rich assholes who are likely to beat him up just because they're rich and can have anything they want." Nolan suggests Dec could get back at the guy who did it to him in a way other than likely-to-fail physical retaliation. Dec is intrigued.

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