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The Manwhorian Candidate

Dinner at Grayson Manor. The Graysons and Kingslys make small political talk. Tom's tablet goes off with an email notification he thinks is from a fellow politician, but it ends up being a pop-up message instructing him to check the message in private. He immediately excuses himself from the table and asks his advisor, Steve, to accompany him out of the room. He opens the email and it's the surveillance video Emanda recorded. He orders Steve to leave and find out who sent it as Conrad comes into the room to find out what spooked Tom. Politics spooked Tom, Conrad. Politics.

Emanda and Daniel arrive at a steakhouse of Emanda's choosing for their date. They're shown to their table where Emanda discretely grabs her steak knife and excuses herself. She walks up to a waiter on her way toward the bar, tells him she didn't have a steak knife at her table and points in the direction of where Daniel is seated. The waiter goes to the table and immediately recognizes Daniel. The two stare at each other in shock. We watch the waiter's hand holding the knife tense up like he might possibly stab Daniel, who can only stammer that he didn't plan this and didn't know the waiter (named Patrick) would be there. Cut to Patrick out in the parking lot smashing Daniel's windshield with a golf club right as Daniel and Emanda are leaving. Daniel runs out to Patrick to try and diffuse the situation. He tries to apologize for something that happened between them and Patrick's response reveals he was the brother of Daniel's ex-girlfriend, who was injured in the drunk driving accident. Patrick says if Daniel was really sorry, he would've apologized to his sister. Emanda had been standing back watching this all intently. When Patrick walks off and leaves Daniel standing by himself, he turns back to look at Emanda in embarrassment and her face washes over instantly with sympathetic curiosity.

Back in the Boys' Club at Grayson Manor, Conrad doesn't see the big deal about the video of Kingsly, which only shows him entering some non-descript building. Tom sighs with guilt. Another message arrives. This one has a video of Kingsly entering a bedroom with a woman in her underwear who is decidedly not his wife. Conrad gets it now. Politics! Victoria barges into the study to ask what the problem is that is interrupting her dinner. The men all lie and say it's just a small issue. Victoria, probably sensing the cover-up, stares back at Tom. FLASHBACK: Victoria is telling Kingsly that David is innocent and she can prove it. Tom is trying to reason with her that the jury is already in deliberations and Victoria has committed perjury if she is now telling the truth. Conrad enters the room behind Victoria and interrupts to say Kingsley should press on with the case because he has a victory in the bag and Victoria is just crazy in love with David. This legal victory and Conrad's support will cement Tom's political career path. Siding with Victoria would throw all of that away for Tom, Conrad says as he turns to stare down Victoria. /FLASHBACK. Victoria is giving Conrad a dirty look out of the corner of her eye. She asks Tom again, "What's the crisis?" and Steve pipes up to say it's nothing important. Frank enters the room, which means shit just got real. The four men all stare back at Victoria with stone faces. Tom tells Victoria she should finish up dinner with his wife alone. Conrad turns to Kingsly to tell him not to worry because they'll take care of this. Victoria curtly: "Don't you always?"

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