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The Manwhorian Candidate

Late night at Casa Emily. Emanda's reading David's journal. David voice-over: "The night after Kingsly presented his closing arguments, Victoria managed to get a note to me." Emanda opens the note. FLASHBACK: David reads the note in his prison cell. Victoria says in the note she will be going to see Kingsly the next morning to tell him of evidence that proves David's innocence and she expects the judge will declare a mistrial. /FLASHBACK. Emanda continues to read David's journal entry. He wrote whatever Victoria said didn't change Kingsly's mind and he was convicted the very next day on all charges. David thought with the Graysons as friends Kingsley could possibly become president some day. Emanda goes back to intently watching spy video of Tom with his mistress.


Grayson Manor. It's the day of the big political barbecue thing. Ashley's hard at work making sure everything's ready. Victoria pops in to check on Ashley and takes the opportunity to change the seating arrangement so Michael Davis will be seated next to Emanda. Inside, the doorbell rings and Ashley runs to answer it because she's expecting an A/V guy for the party. Instead, it's some trying-too-hard college guy in a suit and sunglasses named Tyler Barrol -- Daniel's roommate at Harvard. In the span of a minute, he pays cheesy compliments to both Ashley and Victoria. Ashley flashes a few cutesy smiles, but she emphatically deflects Tyler's advances. He asks for Ashley's name and she instead directs him to the pool house where he'll be temporarily staying. "It's by the pool," she teases.

Poor Porter Bar. Jack is closing up the bar early to go pick up Carl's ashes. He tries one last time to talk Dec into coming along since missing out on his father's burial is something he might regret. Jack reminds Dec of how hard their father worked for them, but it doesn't get through Dec's thick, teenage head. Dec: "Just because he's dead doesn't make you my father." He walks off, probably to go listen to Fall Out Boy this time.

Frank is waiting downstairs at Grayson Manor for Victoria. He informs her that Daniel went to go visit Sara at the rehab center today, and even more strangely, Emanda was the one who drove him there. This brings out Victoria's conspiracy suspicions about Ms. Emily Thorne. She lets Frank in on her theory that Emanda is the reason Michael left Lydia, and of her intent to prove it tonight at the party. Victoria: "Clearly, someone has to step in before my son makes another mistake." Mom?

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