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The Manwhorian Candidate

Charlotte stands by herself at the party and pulls out her phone to call Adam who's lounging on his bed. She's irritated he's not there as her date. Adam claims he's not into politics, but Charlotte insists that attending a function like this is the type of sacrifice someone makes when they're trying to win someone back. He just asks her to call him back when it's over. He hangs up and a shirtless blonde pounces on him and they start making out. We cut to Poor Porter Bar where Dec is sitting by himself at the counter, wallowing in nothingness. The laptop Nolan gifted him is sitting open on one of the tables in the bar. Dec hears the sounds of a girl giggling coming from the laptop and is surprised to see half-naked Adam rolling around with another girl. Dec begins recording the video stream, but he doesn't look too happy about what he's doing.

Daniel takes Emanda aside into the pool house to ask if she told anyone about Sara. She didn't, so that means Victoria is having someone follow him. Emanda apologizes if she overstepped some boundaries by suggesting he should go see Sara, but Daniel stops her apology. He realizes he needs to stand up to his parents in cases like this. Daniel says no matter what happens and how long they last, he'll always be honest with her. Emanda's reaction here is hard to read. She gets teary-eyed and kisses Daniel. Certainly, she would know the proper reaction to Daniel's promise in this situation would be to kiss him, but Daniel has been such a stand-up guy so far and shown enough of a moral center that deviates from his parents that it's possible Emanda's reaction could also be showing pre-emptive remorse over her ultimate plan for him. Read: murder.

Outside, Victoria is directing traffic to the seating arrangements in the courtyard. Michael Davis arrives and gets a warm welcome from Victoria. He's surprised because he expected all of the bad blood with Lydia might have put the Graysons off to him. It's all water under the bridge, Victoria says. She takes Michael by the arm and leads him over to his table so she can introduce him to Emanda. Michael doesn't recognize her at all, and Emanda at least feigns a matching lack of recognition. Who she does recognize is Michael's date who has just joined the group late after getting lost looking for the bathroom. Emanda and this girl recognize each other instantly because she was also on the Landmark Preservation Committee and Emanda introduced her to Michael back then. This girl is the young woman who came between Michael and Lydia -- not Emanda. Victoria has been foiled again.

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