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The Manwhorian Candidate

Later, up at the podium Conrad is introducing Kingsly to the crowd. Tom gets up, takes Conrad's place at the podium and thanks the Graysons for hosting the event. He pulls out his tablet. There are two pop-up messages waiting for him. "Tonight's your big night," and, "Look for the red dress. Happy Father's Day!" He looks up from the tablet to see a hopeful, pregnant young woman enter the back of the courtyard. He looks back down to find a new pop-up message. "Your revised speech." Everyone, aside from Emanda and Nolan, is confused by Kingsly's prolonged silence. His advisor Steve looks around and spots the pregnant girl. He utters, "Oh my God," springs up and runs to personally escort her out of the courtyard. Senator Kingsly cautiously announces he will not run for re-election, is retiring from public life and will return all the contributions he received. Add Victoria's devilish smirk to Nolan and Emanda's.


The political men have reconvened in the Boys' Club. Conrad tells Tom the mistress is claiming she was invited by him. She had received text messages and emails from his personal accounts for the last month, claiming he still loved her and would leave his wife. She had also been receiving money to support her unborn child. Kingsly denies having done any of that. Frank suggests Steve could have done it out of jealousy since he certainly had access to Tom's personal correspondence. Steve denies vehemently. Mrs. Kingsly enters and demands to know what's going on.

Ashley and Emanda walk together through the courtyard after the party. Ashley thinks the whole thing was a disaster. They are met by Tyler who invites Ashley for a drink. She takes a rain check because she needs to clean up and walks off with a smile on her face yet again. Tyler turns his attention to Daniel, who reminds Tyler he doesn't drink anymore so he'll have to be Tyler's designated driver for the summer. Tyler suggests they start now. Emanda flakes on the invite and instead goes inside to talk with Victoria. She find her and claims to be stunned by Kingsly's announcement. They exchange platitudes about never really knowing someone and say good night to each other. Emanda suddenly stops walking away to turn back to Victoria. Emanda: "Actually, would you mind terribly if I started calling you 'Victoria?'" Victoria smiles: "Of course." Emanda: "Then good night, Victoria."

Nolan is waiting for Emanda on her front porch when she gets home. He asks how she got her hands on a sex tape of Kingsly. She tells Nolan she had bought the building Tom's mistress lived in and installed surveillance cameras as part of renovations. Diabolical. Nolan is practically convulsing with admiration of Emanda's commitment to ruining someone. He asks what she plans next. Emanda will be releasing the videos of Kingsly to the press because she's not satisfied with just ruining his career, she wants to ruin his life since he made the choice to not save her father. Nolan: "You scare me." Emanda: "Good."

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