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Fire & Ice
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Faint moonlight glints on the dark ocean. Emanda voiceover: "There comes a moment in each of our lives when the control that keeps us sane slips through our fingers." Gunshot. The camera quickly rotates from the ocean to show Dan fall face down on the beach in his white tuxedo coat and black pants. Ems VO continued: "Most of us aim to seize it back. The best way to fight chaos is with chaos." Inside the party, we get a new glimpse at the giant cake for Dan and Emanda and a slideshow of sappy couple photos fades into a leather-gloved hand back out on the beach reaching down to pick up a group photo that has fallen next to Daniel's body. That hand fires two more shots. Gloved hands are always the hands of perfectionists.

24 hours earlier. We're at the motel where Amily had been staying. Nolan and Emanda frantically search through the room for the infinity x infinity box for any clues to Amily's whereabouts. No luck in either case. Emanda is pretty steadfast in thinking it couldn't have been Ams who broke into Casa Emily because she didn't know where Ems kept the box. Also, she's too loyal to Emanda to pull something like that. Emanda pulls out her phone, which prompts Nolan to ask who she's calling. "We're about to find out," Emanda replies. Cut to familiar items from the infinity x infinity box while a cell phone rings inside of it. A hand reaches for it and puts the phone up to the ear of a man we see only from behind seated in the shadows. Who is this mystery man? What business does he have derailing the revenge? Then, we hear the trademark smarmy voice of one Tyler "No bullets in the" Barrol. How did he get out of jail?! That's the first question out of Emanda's mouth. Tyler wasn't actually locked up, but instead sent to Springhaven Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Sounds lovely and very lax in the "keeping homicidal maniacs from returning to the scene of a crime within a couple weeks" department. Tyler is his usual smug self, registering Nolan's surprised background chatter and asking Emanda how Nolan's arm is doing. Ignoring the slime coming through her phone's speaker, she asks what Tyler wants. He thinks money would be nice, but he might prefer vindication. He immediately segues to asking how Daniel, the main target of that vindication, is doing. Almost instinctually, Emanda threatens that Tyler won't get anywhere near their engagement party. The problem with that is Tyler has taken Amily captive. He lets Emanda hear her moan through a gag while she struggles chained to a wooden post. Somewhat a step ahead of Ems and Nolan, Tyler threatens that he will kill Amily if the engagement party doesn't go on as planned. I don't know about you, Emanda, but I think that's a pretty sweet deal.

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