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Fire & Ice

Porter Bar upstairs. Dec tends to a passed-out Charlotte who is sleeping in his bed. Apparently, she continued drinking after finding out David Clarke is her father. Jack comes into the room to lecture Declan about getting a 17-year-old drunk in their bar. Dec turns right back around and blames Jack for making the scene at Grayson Manor that led to Charlotte's current state. Touché. Defeated, Jack goes downstairs to get the bar ready to open. He notices a blinking light on the answering machine (which miraculously exists in 2012). The message is from Jack's contact in Port-au-Prince who has an offer for Jack to go to Haiti and take over a project to raise a grade school out there. The message ends, Jack thinks for a second and pours himself a shot.

Sitting in bed at Grayson Manor, Victoria holds a seating chart and calls out to Conrad about his preferences on who should sit where. The next logical question is: Why is Conrad hanging around in the bedroom after the family disaster? Is he sticking around to gloat, Victoria asks. Conrad admits he might lose his position as CEO if they can't play nice. Not surprisingly, Victoria doesn't care. After Conrad's behavior at dinner, she has no problem playing hardball as far as Conrad's needs are concerned. Conrad asks Victoria what that means for Daniel. She expects Daniel will come back to her. Victoria: "He always does."

Ems comes home and finds Dan waiting for her. Like, impatiently waiting (finally). He seems bothered, so Emanda asks what's going on. There's no news on Charlotte, but that's not what's really bothering him. Daniel shows her his phone which he says has received a few calls from his grandfather that he has ignored. Emanda reminds Daniel that Grandpa Grayson wants him to become CEO of Grayson Global. Daniel is fed up with everything. He just wants to cancel the engagement party and not deal with his family anymore. Then, he insists on Emanda promising there'll be no secrets between them, Daniel citing what she's seen secrets do to his family. She agrees and Dan invites her to follow him up to bed. Emanda says she'll be up in a minute, and heads for a cabinet where she pulls out a gun before cautiously shutting the curtains.

At Tyler's hideout, he and Amily get a chance to talk. "She's not who you think she is, you know," Amily says. "I know. She's you and you're her," Tyler sarcastically replies. He tosses a passport at Ams. "And her." He tosses more passports. "And her." Amsy insists that Emanda's takedowns have all been for righteous reasons. Armed with a box of evidence to the contrary, Tyler starts planting seeds of doubt in Amily's head. He shows her burned DVDs of Mason Treadwell interviews, evidence that Emanda's the one who framed Ams and not Victoria. That doesn't convince Amily, so Tyler pulls out her old cell phone and shows all the missed calls and texts from Jack that Emanda kept from her. Amily's on board now. Tyler: "Emily's not your friend, Amanda. She's your competition. You need more proof?" He drops the infinity x infinity box in front of Amily and walks away. She hesitates a second and carefully cracks the box open.

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