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Fire & Ice

Grayson Manor. In the master bedroom, Conrad hands Victoria an envelope. It's the deed to Grayson Manor. Still not appeased, Queen Victoria asks about her shares of the company. She told Conrad before that they were a deal breaker. Conrad isn't ready to relinquish the company and concedes Daniel will have his time at the head of the table. He says if Victoria settles now, he'll see she gets her share of the company in cash. Victoria stays smiling silently when he asks her to at least say she'll think about it.

Dan gets a call from Emanda as he enters a restaurant to meet Takeda. Ems is surprised to hear Satoshi is in town. Dan declines Takeda's invitation to sit at his table because he won't try to convince him to stay at Grayson Global since he doesn't want to stay himself. He admits to Takeda he plans to elope with Emanda. Dan excuses himself and leaves. Takeda's phone rings. It's a call from Emanda, which he ignores. Emanda hangs up on Takeda's voicemail greeting.

Back at Tyler's hideout, Ams looks at the photograph of Emanda and Jack as kids. She rips it right down the middle. Tyler emerges dressed in a white-up-top and black-on-bottom tux. He asks how he looks. "Overmedicated," Amily deadpans before asking why Tyler's going through so much trouble to destroy Ems. Tyler asks if Amily knows anything about Frank. He thinks Emanda framed him for Frank's murder. His version of revenge involves framing Emanda for killing Daniel. Eye for an eye, he says. Tyler gives Ams a dress on a hanger since she's earned herself a front-row seat to the proceedings, and instructs her to put it on. Tyler: "Daniel's about to find out just how bad his taste in women really is." Couldn't he just sign up for


Fire & Ice time at Grayson Manor. All the usual players are walking around the party in their expected capacities. Ashley frets over party things, Nolan creeps around and Emanda remains statuesque while everyone else is schmoozing. Victoria is in the study, scribbling on a piece of paper. Conrad comes in and asks if she's making last-minute alterations to her speech. Actually, she's signing her agreement to Conrad's divorce terms. Victoria thinks it's time they put an end to all of this. Conrad comments on the poetic timing of this and walks out. With him gone, Victoria pulls out a business card for a field director at the SEC. She watches an oblivious Conrad out in the courtyard through the window.

Upstairs at Casa Emily, Emanda slips a gun into a concealed holster on her thigh and lowers her skirt. Dan shows up and hints at a surprise tonight. Ems admits to him that his mother really wants her to facilitate reconciliation between them. It's not a terribly interesting idea to Daniel. They leave for the party together.

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