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Fire & Ice

Cut to the dark beach. Emanda stands out there alone, staring out at the water. Dan finds her, and asks what she's up to. She unconvincingly says she's just getting some air. Dan abruptly tells her to come to Paris with him. He already bought tickets. Thrown a bit for a loop, Emanda says she thinks it's crazy. Their lives are here. Running away isn't the answer for Dan, she says. Dan says it's the only answer. All that's here are secrets and lies. He asks why Ems wants to marry him. Emanda opts for the simple lie -- because she loves him. Then she should come, Dan reasons. Almost exhausted of the chore of keeping up with the politics of the situation, Emanda asks if Victoria said something to get this idea into him. Dan admits she did and thinks that maybe his mother was right about Emanda. He walks away.

Back on the boat, Jack gives Amily a blanket. She says nobody in this town is fond of her. Jack tells her that Ems was always on her side and advising him to stick with her. Ams' face goes blank. A car horn honks, and Amily brokenly says she still owes cab fare. Jack obliviously hands her cash. She tells Jack she loves him the way someone tells someone they love them for the last time. Amily kisses Jack through tears, and walks off. Jack looks down at his hand and notices Amily's blood. He runs after her, but her cab is already driving off.

Fire & Ice. Big Ed sighting! Nolan hands him his iPad as Ashley finds Emanda to ask where Dan is and we're at the opening scene from the pilot. Emanda discretely brushes off sand from her hand before sidling up to Nolan to argue about him being there. But now this argument includes Nolan telling Emanda that Jack is gone.

Dan sits alone out on the beach. Tyler appears with a gun in a gloved hand, surprising his former best friend. "She isn't worth it!" Tyler declares. Dan stands up. "Hello, Danny!" Tyler trains the gun on Dan. Close-up on the gun's barrel.


Tyler asks Daniel if he remembers when he asked Conrad at Daniel's birthday party to tell the truth about David Clarke. Dan brings Tyler up to speed that he knows everything about Charlotte's paternity already. Tyler hands Daniel the Grayson Global group photo with the names of Emanda's revenge victims. Maybe halfway convinced he's been duped and a bit unaware of the situation, Dan tries calling Emanda on his phone, but Tyler snatches it. He orders Daniel down to the shore at gunpoint.

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