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Fire & Ice

Up at the courtyard, Charlotte downs some pills with some champagne. Emanda walks up to Charlotte, causing her to drop the pill bottle. Emanda sees the label and there's an awkward moment of recognition between the two young ladies. Charlotte walks away without a word when her mother walks up. Victoria asks Emanda about the Paris plans, and assumes Ems talked him out of it. She says that if they stay, she'll properly show her gratitude. Ems gets a text from Daniel, but really from Tyler, telling her to come down to the beach.

In his SUV, Jack is driving frantically after Amily. He arrives at her cab as it drives off and he hops out, sprinting down to the beach after hearing a gunshot. He reaches the top of a hill and spots Amily crouching over a bullet-riddled body. Without waiting for answers, Jack tells Amily to run to his car. He starts to drag the body up the beach. Jack gets it into some bushes and spots Dec and Charlotte running down to the water together, shedding their clothes. Meanwhile, Amily can't find the keys in Jack's car. Cut to the beginning of Victoria's familiar Fire & Ice speech. Ems looks over at Takeda and they nod at each other knowingly. Takeda nods at Nolan. Nolan nods at Ems. Nod, nod, nod. Despite all the head motion in the affirmative, Emanda seems very nervous. She dials Daniel which rings on the body, giving away Jack's hiding place from his brother and Charlotte. Jack grabs the phone off the body and sees Emanda's picture. Dec and Charlotte shout at Jack's shadowy figure, and really sound so out of character in this scene with their pilot dialogue. Jack takes off running after pocketing Daniel's phone.

Victoria continues her speech about welcoming Emanda into the family to its conclusion and leans in to Ems's ear to ask menacingly where Dan is. Cue Charlotte screaming about Daniel being dead. His parents and Emanda rush out of the courtyard just like in the pilot. Emanda voice-over: "Chaos by its very definition cannot be controlled" Amily is picked up by Takeda in his fancy, black car, thinking she's just been picked up by a good Samaritan, and is a little weirded out when he tells her, "It's an honor to be of service." Ems VO continued: "Once introduced all order and intention is rendered useless." Takeda and Ams speed off together in his roadster. The whole party has run out onto the beach now and Victoria in hysterics orders Declan to get away from the body. Victoria rolls him over and very quickly realizes it's actually Tyler. There's brief moment of confusion before Daniel staggers into view covered in blood and in a stupor. Emanda VO continued: "The outcome of chaos can never be predicted." Victoria stumbles to her only son and holds him in a tight embrace, sobbing. Daniel tries with difficulty to speak, but Victoria cuts him off, whispering into his ear that he doesn't need to say a word. Emanda VO: "The only certainty it brings is the devastation it leaves in its wake." Emanda stares on in disbelief at the destruction.

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