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Keeping Up Appearances

Emanda comes home from a run to find Nolan snooping outside her house. He and Big Ed are checking out her place for possible security flaws because Nolan thinks she should let Ed install a high-tech security system for her. Ed says they also do panic rooms. Emanda replies coldly, "I don't panic." Nolan brings up his surprise at Emanda's involvement in the Grayson profile, which she immediately blames on Tyler, and he mentions his annoyance at losing Jack's friendship because of her. Emanda doesn't really care. All she cares about is finding something to discredit Tyler with the Graysons. Is Nolan up to the task? His face softens like a delighted child. "My first solo takedown? I'm on it." Nolan gleefully leaves with Big Ed.

The Stowaway is filled with socialites. Jack hands out mojitos and cosmos left and right when Emanda walks in to ask if they can talk in private. She takes notice of the big change in clientele for the bar. Jack attributes it to the mention in the newspaper article and sarcastically thanks the absent Daniel Grayson -- then retracts the sarcasm since he can't hate how good business has been. The two dance a bit around the awkwardness after the other night, until Emanda gifts Jack an old mariner's compass as thanks for fixing her porch swing. She starts to bring up Jack's feelings, but he just wants to forget it and move on because he's embarrassed. Emanda tells him he shouldn't be embarrassed and asks if they can be friends. Jack accepts his place in the friend zone.

It's a bright sunny day out, so Ashley and Tyler are taking a stroll together through town holding hands. Tyler decides to wait outside while Ash steps into a shop to look at shoes. Nolan appears with a big smile on his face. Instantly annoyed, Tyler asks Nolan to leave because Ashley doesn't particularly like him. Nolan suggests she get a restraining order, something Tyler knows all about. Or wait... it's Tyler who had a restraining order placed on him, Nolan corrects himself. Tyler asks what Nolan wants. He wants Tyler to meet him this evening at his place. Tyler declines, but Nolan insists that Tyler will be there and he will be prompt.

Later that night, Frank breaks into Warden Stiles' office after hours. He goes through a file cabinet until he finds Emily Thorne's file. There's a mug shot in there of a girl who looks nothing like Emanda. Frank pulls out his phone and snaps a photograph of the mug shot. That's a bit redundant. Just steal the picture, Frank.

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