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Keeping Up Appearances


Outside Grayson Manor. Tyler shows up with a single rose to apologize to Ashley. She's angry about missing her opportunity to be a player in this social scene instead of someone behind the scenes, something she thinks Tyler wouldn't understand and SERIOUSLY -- ONE ROSE?! Ty takes this opportunity to admit his family is bankrupt. This opening up and honesty still doesn't explain where Tyler was all night. He pulls out a USB flash drive and says he was just at Conrad's office downloading his confidential database. Ty expects that within a year Conrad won't make any decisions without consulting him first. Ashley likes the cut of his ambitious jib.

Dec and Charlotte sit on Declan's bed. He asks Charlotte to admit his invitation tonight was about trying to piss off Victoria. Char says that while that may have been part of it, he just needs to accept that she likes him. Charlotte thinks Declan is probably the first person to ever be completely honest under the roof of her house. She thought his honesty was hot. They make out.

On the Jack-repaired bench swing, Emanda's on the phone with Nolan and is curious to know how he managed to keep Tyler away from dinner tonight. She's impressed even. We see that Nolan is lounging on his bed in a half open silk robe with his laptop. He sounds so pleased with himself as he tells Emanda that Tyler's a bit of a con man, but he shouldn't expect to con another con man. Nolan plays back a spy video he recorded of Tyler climbing on top of him and stripping pre-sex. Emanda says to just keep doing what he's doing, which Nolan will be pleased to do. They hang up just as Daniel joins Emanda on the bench. He brings up the way they first met and says he kept that jacket dirty as a reminder that he should always be ready for where the unexpected will take him. He says he's ready and he's falling in love with her, too. They kiss and we pan down to Emanda's hand which caresses the arm rest of the bench Jack repaired as we hear her voice-over: "Just as there are two sides to every story. There are two sides to every person." Meanwhile, Jack thoughtfully opens his mariner's compass Emanda gifted him. VO continued: "One that we reveal to the world and another we keep hidden inside. A duality governed between the balance of light and darkness." Lydia awakens from her coma with Conrad sitting bedside. She's lucid and at the very least remembers Conrad. Cut to Emanda and Daniel spooning in her bed. Like usual, Dan is sound asleep and Emanda is wide awake. VO continued: "Within each of us is the capacity for both good and evil. But those who are able to blur the moral dividing line hold the true power." There's a knock at Emanda's front door. It's Stripper Emily. She hugs Emanda. FLASHBACK: Teenage Amanda enters her cell for the first time at the juvenile detention facility. Emily is waiting to meet her new roommate and acts all tough and tries to beat up Amanda. Amanda head-butts her and kicks her ass, pinning her to the floor. Amanda asks Emily what her name is while she has her in a choke hold. /FLASHBACK. Stripper Emily explains that Frank had come around asking questions, but she took care of him. She adds that Victoria has been calling his phone all night. Emanda takes the phone and removes the battery. We cut to Victoria on her balcony leaving a worried voicemail, "Frank, it's Victoria...What do you mean Emily Thorne is not who she claims to be?" as we zoom out from Frank's body lying on the side of the road in some brush.

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