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Dangerous Liaisons

Close-up on Nolan's satisfied face as he lies in bed. "I know what you're up to," he says, turning his glance to his side. Next to him, Padma shifts her eyes to hide her guilt. Nolan: "You had the seller stage this place with all my favorite decor, didn't you?" Pull back to reveal Nolan and Padma fully clothed lying in bed together in a room that's decorated with lots of kitschy robot toys. They smile at Nolan's excitement. Padma is happy to do anything that might bring Nolan's endless house hunt to an end, she says. They've looked at about 12 houses already, but Nolan certainly likes this one. He hops out of bed like a kid. Padma hops after him and is ready to call the real estate agent because Nolan has nitpicked every other house so far. She pulls out the key and tells him it could be his tomorrow. Nolan's immediately taken aback by how pedestrian the key is. Because he's Nolan. But he sees how disappointed Padma is at his reaction, and reins in his own disappointment. "Well... nothing's perfect. Except... maybe you," Nolan says before, I imagine, skipping away. Padma's face oscillates between genuine joy and guilt.

Daniel's Aston Martin pulls into a private airport. Emanda's confused because they were just supposed to be going for lunch. Surprise! Daniel's whisking you off to the west coast for oysters! Even if he is being used as a pawn in a revenge plot, that's pretty unforgivably rude to take someone all the way across the country for lunch. Despite Daniel insisting that Emanda accompany him because he's on his way to give facetime to Stonehaven, Ems still is hesitant about going. A girl's gotta tend to her revenge. Besides... oysters in Los Angeles? Ain't nobody got time for that. Daniel continues smooth talking, pointing out that securing Stonehaven would give Ems a trifecta of business coups (first Takeda, then Grayson Global and now maybe Stonehaven). Ems caves and they're off to LA.

As Aiden walks to his car in a parking garage, Helen's Initiativemobile swoops in to cut him off. Electric window rolls down. This lady has grown entirely too comfortable with drive-thru service, it seems. Helen brushes off Aiden's joke about a phone call sufficing, and lightly accuses him of maybe being behind their own recent abduction. While she's right about that, she's a bit off track in suspecting that Aiden is in league with Victoria. Aiden's ready to walk off, having said his piece about not being receptive to any alliances until he see proof his sister's still alive, when Helen pulls out her cell phone. She queues up a video of a scared young girl being interviewed by a skeevy sounding guy. He asks her name. "Colleen." He asks if she has family. "I have a brother." Seems legit. Aiden leans in to ask Helen what he has to do. She orders Aiden to assassinate Victoria. He has 24 hours. Just don't crash her plane, Aiden. That never sticks.

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