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Dangerous Liaisons

Grayson Manor. Amily's being efficient today. After her meeting with Conrad, she's headed upstairs to drop off a birthday gift for Charlotte. It's a little plaster handprint from Carl. Ams comments on 18 being a big birthday. Charlotte's an adult now and thus free to do whatever she wants. Sadly, Charlotte's only plans to celebrate involve going to the ballet with her mother. Even more sadly, Victoria calls her right on cue to cancel. It's perfect timing for Amily to remind Charlotte that she's not entirely a Grayson and never will be.

Victoria canceled on her daughter's milestone birthday to follow Jason Prosser to Los Angeles, where he's competing with Daniel for the Stonehaven acquisition. She walks straight up to him in a hotel lobby, pretending to be in town in support of her son. Odd that she would offer Prosser her support then. She tells Jason she believes Daniel's not ready for such an acquisition. Jason takes off to head to a meeting, but he's not quick enough, as Daniel and Emanda walk into the lobby just as he's leaving. Dan spots him and then his mother, realizing she's traveled across the country just to sabotage him. Still, Victoria claims she's there for him because disaster relief firms like Stonehaven are cesspools. The discussion deteriorates until they're bickering loudly and risking making a scene. Ems has to step in to tell Daniel to go upstairs and cool off before something gets said in public that they'll all regret. Left alone with Emanda, Victoria voices her assumption that Ems will help her dissuade Daniel because this acquisition isn't in his best interest. Victoria declares she will make sure Jason chooses to move forward with his bid, and then walks off. Emanda pulls out her phone, dials Aiden and begins filling him in on what's happened, i.e. being whisked off to LA. It's no use because Aiden followed her there. In fact, he's standing behind a hotel pillar right now. You really need to establish boundaries for vengeful boyfriends with trust issues that fashion themselves after secret agents.


Emanda and Aiden have a not-so-secret meeting atop a tiny park bridge while Daniel, I guess, is tending to his temper in the hotel room. Ems isn't too comfortable that Aiden followed her across the country. Aiden isn't too comfortable that Emanda's lunch date hopped time zones. Push. The recent development concerning Helen having evidence that Colleen is in her possession has thrown a wrench in things. It would seem that Aiden's plan is now at odds with Emanda's because any seeming association with Victoria would be bad for trying to make an inroad with the Initiative. The only way they can make this work is if Aiden runs interference with Jason to get him to drop his bid on Stonehaven. If that happens, Victoria's intent will become clearer and Ems can steer clear of the whole situation. It's so crazy, it might just work.

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