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Dangerous Liaisons

Jack goes to visit Matt Duncan at the hospital, and happens upon him just as he's packing up to leave. What timing. This isn't really a happy discharge, though. Matt's only leaving the hospital because his insurance ran out. Jack, you monster! Matt asks how Jack's doing, and he responds with a rundown of what happened -- the drug charges, the found gun and the impending murder charge if Matt doesn't assume responsibility. Matt's angry that Jack didn't take his advice and distance himself from the Ryans, but Jack has a point that there's no reason why he should take the fall for something Matt did. Jack also implies that his father died relatively young, possibly because of the burden of guilt. He and Dec have had to live without a father and he doesn't want the same thing to happen to little Carl. Is that enough to persuade a man who got away with murder?

Jason Prosser's checking in at the hotel lobby counter. Aiden walks up just as he's asking for a second room key. That dog. Aiden comments on the implication of a second room key and plays it cool like he's entirely on Jason's level from a business standpoint. He brings up a Forbes cover Jason was featured on and subtly throws compliments out in small talk. Aiden casually mentions Stonehaven, surprising Jason. Under the guise of being there to oversee Grayson Global's dealings for Takeda, Aiden divulges supposed insider info to Jason about Stonehaven looking to sell before being indicted. Aiden leaves Jason to think about what he's getting himself into and sure enough, he pulls out his phone to call Donna.

Stowaway. Conrad walks up on Kenny, who is tending bar. He orders a glass of their oldest scotch, neat. Conveniently, Kenny responds that Conrad takes after his old man. Perfect opening for Conrad to ask if that's the same old man that was murdered by the guy he happens to have a signed confession from in this here envelope that's just been dropped on the counter. Conrad pulls out a check for $50,000 and asks for Kenny's signature to sign over ownership of the bar and promise he'll leave the docks tonight. Conrad: "Oh, come on. Haven't you put these boys through enough?" Kenny looks over at Jack and Declan who watch anxiously to see what he'll decide.

There's a knock at Jason Prosser's hotel door. In walks Victoria in a tight black dress. She says she wanted to see how the deal was going, but spots Jason's suitcase that he's in the middle of packing, which means not good. Jason's nobody's fool. He knows Victoria was setting him up from the start. She insists that's not true and that he's been lied to. Victoria resorts to sweet talking to win Jason back. She tells him that she's always admired him, even when Conrad was parading her around. This jogs Jason's memory all the way back to when the David Clarke scandal broke. Victoria walks over to the hotel room window in deep reverie about David and how he fell in with the Initiative. She tells Jason that her son is now at risk in the same way. Outside, Aiden is set up with a sniper rifle, lining up Victoria in his sights. He adjusts the dials on his scope. Jason asks Victoria what he can do to help. Win Stonehaven, Victoria says. Jason only wants her. Aiden's about to pull the trigger when Victoria suddenly shuts the curtains. Seriously... Aiden chooses not to fire because of curtains. He's trained in all sorts of firearms and hand-to-hand combat, but can't fire a bullet through curtains. Victoria tells Jason he can have her if he just acquires Stonehaven. They kiss.

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