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Dangerous Liaisons


Charlotte hurries through a dark Grayson Manor, calling out for her family members. She enters the dining room to find a little surprise party waiting for her, consisting of her parents and Daniel. Victoria greets her with "Bon anniversaire, ma belle!" which is... whatever. For the Graysons it's actually a very cute little surprise, complete with a little birthday cake (little for them is still three layers). "I thought you canceled my birthday?" Charlotte delivers this line with the perfect mix of sarcasm and actual belief that it's entirely within Victoria's M.O. to do such a thing. Victoria invites her daughter to blow out the candles on her cake, which leads Charlie to talk about her one wish. As an adult, she just wants her family to respect her first adult decision, which was to have her name legally changed to Charlotte Clarke. Her family has been through way too much in the last year or two to be stunned by this. They greet it with silent acceptance. Emanda arrives just as Charlotte reveals this to her family. She smiles to herself and then enters the room with her gift for Charlotte. Victoria bites at the opportunity to point out Ems wasn't invited, but nobody really pays that any mind since Daniel and Charlotte love Emanda and Conrad is probably spinning political speeches in his head 24/7 now.

Elsewhere in the house, Emanda and Daniel sit down to drink some wine and avoid the aftermath of Charlotte's announcement. Daniel figures it won't sit well with Conrad. Emanda gives Daniel an uncomfortable look, puts down her wine glass and launches into a confession about being approached by Victoria to rekindle their relationship. Daniel says he suspected it all along and was curious to see how far she was willing to go. Dan wonders if they could ever get back to being the people they once were. Emanda: "Maybe... but not tonight." They sit with a great distance between them on the couch.

Stowaway. Declan hounds Jack about Matt Duncan's sudden change of heart that led to a confession of murder. Something doesn't add up and now they're business partners with Conrad, which is probably infinitely worse than being linked to the Ryans. Jack's not hearing all of this, because he's got babies and strippers to tend to. Amily cuts off Declan's reasonable concerns, implementing a ban on all negative talk and complaining because she's Amily and that's just what Amily does. She does annoying things that make you want to shove her over a second-floor banister. Dec is definitely not pleased with this outcome.

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