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Dangerous Liaisons

Nate has managed a meeting with Conrad at Grayson Manor. He offers to buy back the bar for $65,000. Conrad tells him to save his breath and adds that Nate's belief that he can develop the docks is foolish. Conrad's had plenty of investors bring plans like that to him and they've always failed because of the entrenched families operating on the docks. Nate has some ideas about that. He thinks Conrad doesn't understand the docks because he lives up in a castle far away from there. Nate knows that muscle can get the job done and he has a vision of docks full of casinos that will create lots of jobs. Conrad's impressed by Nate's arrogance and ambition to have this sort of thing developed by Memorial Day. Ashley, who's standing in on this meeting, can see the evil wheels turning in her boss' head. She thinks they should talk about this and Conrad agrees. They should talk about this. He asks Ashley to close the door to the study.

Nolan sits by his swimming pool, watching Padma on his iPad while he instructs her over the phone where to find his credit card so they can go out to dinner. Shamu Cam sighting! Padma opens Nolan's desk drawer and the whole thing falls out. She pores over the contents and comes across a flash drive. She plugs in a USB adapter into her iPad and then plugs in the drive. The screen flashes with text and then ASCII art that spells out "Carrion" in big letters. Nolan watches Padma's stoic reaction to finding what she was looking for and can hardly bear to look.

Emanda comes home to find Aiden sitting outside on her porch swing in plain sight. He doesn't care that Victoria could see him there. He looks inconsolable. Aiden hands over his phone to Ems. She watches a video of Colleen dying from a drug overdose and understands fully what she's done to Aiden. She grabs him in a hug and apologizes. Always trying to spin the situation in her favor, Emanda suggests that they still can't believe anything the Initiative provides them. This sets Aiden off. His sister is probably dead because he trusted Emanda's idea that they were simply giving him false hope. If she really is dead, it's on Emanda, Aiden says. He storms off.

-- Pablo G. is some guy who lives in Austin, Texas. He used to co-host TWoP's original "Trailers Without Pity" with his brother Omar G. Check out their webcomic Space Monkeys! and follow Pablo's writing at Pablog. Follow him @PendejoJoe on Twitter.

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