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Weathering the Storm
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Emanda has summoned Nolan to Casa Emily to watch the video she discovered of her father revealing that Charlotte is his daughter. Emanda voice-over: "Some say that our lives are defined by the sum of our choices, but it isn't really our choices that distinguish who we are. It's our commitment to them." David describes in the video how difficult it was to think he wouldn't just be leaving behind Amanda, but two daughters as he rotted in prison. Emanda is putting on a brave face for Nolan. Her plan is to send one of the tapes to the Graysons and have them figure out if David's claim is true and stash the rest of the tapes on Amily to further frame her for burning down Mason Treadwell's famous cottage. Ever needling, Nolan asks if Charlotte being Emanda's sister changes anything. It doesn't. At least that's what Emanda says before putting on latex gloves and spraying down the cassette tapes to remove her finger prints. What about Jack? And puppy dog Daniel? Emanda's feelings are irrelevant and she's tired of Nolan's questions. "Look, I came here for revenge and you offered to help. If you can't stomach it anymore, then how about you at least spare me your passive-aggressive judgments?"

Grayson Manor. Daniel reports to Ryan Huntley what he's been able to find out about Conrad's dealings with the company. Conrad has about $500 million in assets in offshore accounts and is trying to acquire as many liquid assets as possible in a timely manner because the S.E.C. is beginning to suspect there is something wrong with Grayson Global's trading practices. These moves have all taken place within the last decade, which makes the assets fair game for Victoria in the divorce now that the prenup has been nullified. Victoria's proud of her son for coming through with the information, and carelessly declares with joy that now Daniel doesn't have to go through with marriage. Cue serious Daniel. He explains that he still wants to marry Emanda even if it wouldn't activate his trust fund, and his mother needs to accept this if she really cares about him being happy. Queen Victoria's eye twitches.

Emanda takes a slow-mo walk down the docks on an overcast afternoon and spies Jack and Amily sharing a kiss on The Amanda. She calls out to them about hearing they had left town to party in Atlantic City and points out they've made it back just before a brewing storm hits. Also, she was supposed to have breakfast with Amily last week. Amily gets the hint and excuses herself to go off for "breakfast" with Emanda, who shares the news that Mason Treadwell's home burned down the night Amily left town. Emanda suggests it was Victoria's doing, and warns Amily that the queen might try to pin it on her, suggesting once again futilely that Amily leave town. Amily insists she's not scared and can take care of herself and Jack.

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