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Weathering the Storm

Conrad enters Charlotte's empty bedroom, calling out her name to make sure she's not around. He goes straight for her hairbrush on her dresser and slips the whole thing into a plastic zipper bag as he notices a framed photo on her dresser of him and Charlotte from happier times. He swallows his sadness and walks out with her DNA.

It's pouring outside at the docks and Emanda braves the rain with her coat's hood up and no umbrella. She reaches under a door mat, grabs a key and enters the Stowaway. Old, predictable Jack. Once inside the empty living space of Jack and Amily, she goes straight for a backpack and dumps her plastic bag of video tapes into it. In the process, she stumbles upon a note between Jack and Amily on Caesar's Palace stationery. Jack's handwriting: "Gone out to grab coffee and donuts and hopefully hit a jackpot. Love you, Jack" Under it, Amily's handwriting: "Gone out to find you. Love you more, Amanda" We can all empathize with how it feels when the love of your life goes on a romantic getaway to Atlantic City with a cheesy stripper who's pretending to be you. Emanda's on her way out when Jack appears behind her. He's not nearly confused/surprised enough to find her there, even less so when Emanda claims she was there looking for Amily. Jack reveals she's been summoned by Victoria, adding he doesn't expect it's for a good reason and shaking his head at the thought of what Amily's been through. Masochistically, Emanda tells Jack he must really care about her. He thinks for a second and matter-of-factly says he does before getting up to leave. Emanda has a little lapse and blurts out, "Hey, Jack... be careful." When Jack's face drops, Emanda regains her bearings and adds with an awkward smile, "... uh, the storm's coming in quickly," and leaves.

Cut to a close-up of a giant bowl of strawberries. An overhead shot cranes back to show the bowl positioned between two teacups and a scone on Victoria's coffee table with Amily and Victoria sitting adjacent to each other. Victoria notes the strawberries were picked from her garden this morning as Amily reaches for one and takes a bite. With a smile plastered on her face Victoria watches intently and asks, "So you're no longer allergic?" She follows up with an anecdote about Amily being rushed to the emergency room after eating strawberries at a company picnic. Flippantly, Amily says she outgrew the allergy. Well, in that case, have some crème fraiche, Victoria says, handing over a small dish. Amily puts some on a strawberry then gracelessly puts the spoon in her mouth like a stripper would and sucks it dry before placing it on the saucer with her scone. It's time to cut to the chase. Victoria wants to know why Amily would tell Mason she believes she had an affair with David Clarke and what she remembers. Amily fires back that she probably remembers the same things Victoria does. FLASHBACK: We get a replay of the night David whisked Victoria upstairs and she locked eyes with little Amanda who was hiding behind the couch. /FLASHBACK. Victoria claims her memory is foggy, but what she does know is that it's very likely Amily is behind the fire at Mason's house. Armed with info from Emanda, Amily accuses Victoria of the same thing. Amily gets up to leave and is ordered by Victoria to sit back down. Nuh uh. Amily's all, "I do what I want!" She leaves in a huff. A bit rattled, but perpetually smiling, Victoria calls out to Ryan, who was waiting in the next room. He enters on his cell phone and hangs up before Victoria instructs him to snag Amily's spoon. He says he'll rush it to be tested for DNA right away, adding he just got off the phone with Conrad's lawyer. The paternity test has come back. Conrad is not the father.

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