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Pussycat Scratch
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Finally, as things are starting to come together… then it all spirals out of control in the Hamptons.

We open on Conrad in a cold sweat. He’s dreaming that Charlotte uses her newfound hatred to stab him while he’s helpless in his bed saying "this is for my father." He’s right about one part: One of David Clarke’s daughters is about to come after him, but unlike dream-Charlotte, he’ll never even see Emily coming. She’s become something of a surrogate daughter now that Charlotte hates him; she’s the only one visiting him and she’s saying all the right things to get him to call on Father Paul and make amends.

In case Conrad’s guilt isn’t enough to convince him to fix everything, Emily’s working it from both ends. She catches Father Paul going to confession and tells him she’s willing to forgive him (something she doesn’t do for anyone – and that’s no joke, because she’s becoming one of the more hateable people on this show) if he gets Conrad to confess everything. If he doesn’t, she’ll ruin his life even worse than she did the first time, because in Emily’s own personal la-la land, this is how forgiveness works.

While Em is setting up the good Father, Aidan brings Victoria "proof" of Emily’s foreign accounts – pieces of paper showing accounts listed without names. Victoria knows her nemesis is smarter than that and if Emily is holding her money, she has it in a much less detectable place. Aidan deflects by throwing a tantrum about losing Emily to Daniel, saying that he asked Emily to run away with him and that she was seeing him while she was engaged to Daniel. This only strengthens Victoria’s resolve to catch Emily, so when he says he wants to get back into Emily’s "orbit" to get revenge (which is pretty ironic considering that her revenge plot is why he’s supposedly so upset in the first place) the Cartier wheels in Victoria’s head get to turning.

At the same time, Nolan is keeping himself busy throwing an super-duper exclusive housewarming party that apparently includes a dolphin enclosure because now that he’s not a computer genius anymore, he’s taking up a job as a Saudi prince impersonator. Margaux is particularly interested in getting into the exclusive fete because she wants an interview with Nolan for the cover of Voulet, a plan Daniel is determined not to support because he still holds the Grayson Global nonsense against him. But this causes something glorious to come out of the former floozy’s mouth: she may have dropped her dress for Daniel, but she’s not about to let him walk all over her. When she finds her way into the party – as the plus one on the giggling, sheepish Jack’s arm – she’s found her way around Daniel and landed the cover story. Is it okay that I kind of like her now?

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