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We Are Family

Rebun Island: Hokkaido, Japan: Winter 2008. In the dead of night, Emanda runs through a hedge maze alongside Apprentice Man, being chased by two guard dogs. Ems voiceover: "In a race between danger and indecision, the difference between life and death comes down to confidence, faith in our abilities, certainty in ourselves..." The two apprentices frantically take uncertain turns in the maze with the dogs gaining. Apprentice Man pulls Emanda's arm to guide her in the right direction. Ems VO continued: "...and the trust we put in others." They come to a dead end. The only choice is to climb over. Ems goes first. She reaches for Apprentice Man's hand and pulls him up and over. He lands hard on his side, groaning in pain. He calls out to Ems to wait for him -- he's hurt his leg. As Emanda bends down to see, Apprentice Man quickly rolls, gets up and grabs a nearby white flag that was waiting in the tiny courtyard they've entered. Takeda is there, applauding the winner of the race. Ems is pissed. "He cheated!" she yells. "Yes. He understood the exercise," Takeda waxes on. The point is that Apprentice Man understood Emanda's weakness of compassion and exploited it. This is the very essence of revenge... I guess? Apprentice Man walks over to Ems to give her a condescending, "No hard feelings?" She responds with a vicious shove... /FLASHBACK ...that morphs into a shove in the current timeline at Casa Emily. As is the case when anyone interferes with a situation Ems claims to have had under control, she is furious that Apprentice Man has shot and killed the White-Haired Man. She threatens to throw him out because she doesn't need Takeda's appointed nanny. Apprentice Man corrects Ems. He wasn't sent by Takeda and she needs him right now. Ems looks down at her foot, which is standing in a pool of WHM's blood, as if to say, "Oh... right."

Cut to an outside shot of Casa Emily from the vantage point of the Queen's balcony perch. Dan voiceover: "She's cleaning." He's taken notice of his mother having a glass of wine while staring at Emanda's house, and comes outside to explain. "She does that when she can't sleep," he adds. Or when she's had an old revenge training classmate murder a crazy terrorist in her living room and maybe ruined her pedicure. That's to say, Emanda probably does a lot of late night cleaning. Victoria thinks she might need to try that. Dan can understand the insomnia after what his mother's been through, and he's spent plenty of sleepless nights out on the balcony. A mother knows when a son's heart is broken. She asks if he misses Emanda. He brushes it off as simple geography that he can only see Casa Emily or the ocean from up there. Plus, he's with Ashley now. But he's still restless, Victoria points out. A news helicopter flashes its spotlight on them. It's not exactly easy to sleep with that sort of thing hovering around and that'll be the case until they get Victoria's story. "And what exactly is your story?" Dan asks. FLASHBACK: Victoria sits in her seat on the private chartered jet that will be exploding. Her phone rings with a call from WHM. He explains very carefully that the plane will be exploding very soon. The death of Conrad would be mutually beneficial for them, he says. Split Charlotte's inheritance and he'll let both Victoria and Charlotte live. Victoria's lip actually quivers in fright as she takes a moment before accepting his proposal. /FLASHBACK. Dan asks if she's sure it was WHM. She accuses her son of sounding like a journalist or detective. A detective would be on her side, he reminds her. The implication, then, is that Dan isn't on her side. Daniel doesn't suggest otherwise before walking out.

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