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We Are Family

Cut to Emanda having tea with Victoria in the parlor. She's asking about what their story will be to the media. It's pretty simple, according to Victoria. Emanda doesn't really know the Graysons, this despite her having been engaged to Daniel, Ems questions. That can be fixed by a quick sound bite Victoria already has prepared. "'Ever since Daniel broke things off, the Graysons have kept me at arm's length.' See? Simple," Victoria recites. Emanda's done playing around. She asks if Victoria really feels her and Charlotte are safe living in the same house as Conrad after he, you know, tried to have her killed. The Queen's not worried. The real issue, Victoria thinks, is that Emanda has shared her secret, so now they must cut off all ties from each other. Victoria will have her escorted out of Grayson Manor by security. Ems is visibly frustrated.

Apprentice Man has made his way to the motel where WHM was staying. He enters the room, searches around and turns up nothing. He's about to walk out the door when he notices a big "central air" advertisement on the motel's sign. He returns to the room, cracks open the A/C unit and finds a flight recorder. That's some magical detective work. I wonder if he kept looking at signs around the motel if there'd be one that said "bored hooker talking to a crying man in bathtub." AM slips the flight recorder into a pillowcase and goes outside to put it in the trunk of his rental car. The trunk slamming shut reveals Kara standing in the background of the shot, watching AM. She's got a clipboard and apparently manages this Southampton motel. AM poses as Detective Lasky of the Southampton police. Kara's immediately skeptical of a police officer in a rental car. Slyly, AM pulls out a sketch of WHM and begins official-sounding questioning about him. Kara seems disturbed by the allegations against WHM. While AM is driving off, Kara pulls out her phone and dials the Southampton PD, asking for Detective Lasky. There's no one there by that name. Chilling stuff.


Emanda and Amily stand in the sparse nursery Jack has yet to fix up. Ams complains that Jack didn't accept Charlotte's gift, letting it slip that he wants to stay away from the Graysons. Smooth segue to Emanda being banned from Grayson Manor and needing a favor from Ams. She has a spiced up version of her father's journal she wants Amily to give to Charlotte by sneaking into Victoria's media day with a press pass Emanda acquired. Amily doesn't want to lie to Jack, so Ems resorts to manipulation. It wouldn't be the first time Amily has lied to Jack -- hint, hint (whispers: It's in your belly.) Plus, Ems thought they were family and their agreement was that Amily would inherit Ems' past if she did what Emanda wanted in the future. Game, set, match Emanda.

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