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It's the next morning. Nolan's angrily packs up his things into a suitcase (including toy robots?) at Casa Emily. Ems walks in and cautiously asks if he knows where he'll go. Probably better if she doesn't know since he likes his "neck willowy and working." Heart you, Nolan. Emanda tries avoiding giving details about Aiden, but gives in when Nolan appears hurt that he's being stonewalled even though he's threatening to leave. Ems explains that WHM is dead and the bottle of antipsychotic pills on his body may have belonged to her mother. She pulls out the pocket watch and shows Nolan the evidence that WHM must've known her mother intimately. Nolan instantly softens and asks how he can help. Ems: "You've already done enough. One day, I will find a way to thank you." Nolan: "Find her. That'll be thanks enough." He eschews a hug and walks out. The tears well up in Ems' eyes and mine.

Stowaway. Amily is all dressed up and walking out to go to Grayson Manor when she runs into Jack, who's arriving home unexpectedly early. Amily lies about going baby shopping with Emanda. She dodges a bullet because Jack says he can be counted out of those plans, but she should thank Ems for him. He feels like that's all he's been doing lately. That odd statement gives Ams pause. As she leaves, a random man enters and asks if Jack knows Declan. The man has Dec's ID card and says they need to talk. Jack just can't catch a break.

Preparations are underway for media day at Grayson Manor. Despite being banned, Ems is there under the guise of telling Ashley that a news van is blocking a driveway. Amily has made it in, as planned, under the guise of being press. Dan runs into Ems, so she takes the opportunity to highlight the fact that she's been banned from the house by Victoria. Just then, a security guard brings over a letter that just arrived at the gate. It's wrapped around Victoria's forged passport, and says, "Faking your death and disappearing didn't work. Let's do the death part for real this time." It must suck finding out your mother faked her death and kidnapping like that. He's understandably livid. He tells Ems it confirms every terrible thought he's had about his mother. So then it also must confirm she was a bitch for not letting him go to the Kanye concert when he was 17.


Dec comes home, asking what the emergency is. Jack introduces him to Mr. Ryan who has his ID card and was recently robbed by the owner of said ID card. If Dec gives back what they took, Mr. Ryan won't press charges. Jack thanks Mr. Ryan and offers to be of service to him for anything. Creepy Mr. Ryan: "You know what, barkeep? I'm gonna hold you to that." Blackmail forthcoming.

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