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Memoriam Day

We're at Cliffside Home Addiction Recovery Center, or as I've come to call it -- CHARC. Charlotte has been sober for 60 days her counselor, Dr. Thomas, tells Conrad. He thinks it might be time to recommend her for outpatient care starting next week. Charlotte speaks up that she was hoping to be out by Memorial Day so she can attend her mother's art auction, may she rest in peace. Apparently, Charlie missed Victoria's funeral, and will not miss another chance to honor her mom. Dr. Thomas compromises, and says they'll stick with the timetable, but he'll personally escort Charlotte to the art auction. Glad that's settled.

So, Emanda's still tied to that wooden post underwater. A hallucination of a giggling, swimming Little Amanda passes in front of her eyes. FLASHBACK: Little Amanda plays Marco Polo in the ocean with her mother. /FLASHBACK. Drowning Emanda stares forward in paralyzed reverie. FLASHBACK: Rain beats down on a black angel statue on a gray day. A sad Little Amanda holds a man's hand under an umbrella. We enter a hospital room and Little Amanda calls out to her mother, who's lying in bed in a daze, to ask when she's coming home. /FLASHBACK. Emanda begins to lose consciousness. Apprentice Man swims up from behind and cuts through the rope with a knife, then helps Emanda to safety. She's not too pleased about that. She yells to Takeda as she stomps up the beach that she was very close to unlocking a memory about her mother. If Takeda had known this was what Emanda was doing, he wouldn't have welcomed her back for further training, he says. Apprentice Man continues unsuccessfully to restrain Emanda, so she spins around, gets a hold of his arm and his knife, pinning him up against a nearby cave wall while holding the knife to his throat. She won't make the mistake of trusting this guy again, and she makes it clear to Takeda that she's all about finding out what happened to her mother and holding the people who kept her away from Emanda responsible. That includes Takeda. Ems storms off the beach.

Pissed off 3-D title card and commercials

Crane shot over NYC skyline in the daytime. We're in a dirty city gym. Nolan, who has cut his hair (we'll miss you, old Bieber cut), is sparring fiercely in the boxing ring, which holds a prominent place in the middle of the gym. He finishes his session and his coach says, "Good go around, Southpaw!" Nolan would totally be a southpaw... except he's decidedly fighting orthodox here. /Nitpick. Ems calls to him from out of nowhere, teasing him about his new nickname. Maybe "Southpaw" is really the name of Nolan's special sex move that we've yet to see (thankfully?). It's been eight weeks since Nolan's seen or heard from Emanda. In the meantime, Nolan has been boxing, taking karate and weight training. Shirtless, Nolan definitely shows he's in shape, but he'll always be lanky and awkward to us -- even if he can throw a right cross now. He's taken this training out of fear that the White-Haired Man could strike at any time. Nolan asks hopefully if Emanda's absence was because she was offing WHM. No such luck. Ems says her priorities have changed and invites Nolan for a drive back out to the Hamptons.

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