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Memoriam Day

As they enter Casa Emily, Nolan asks for clarification about Takeda's role in Amily's return. Emanda says he claimed he was training Ams to be her ally. She's not trusting anyone until she finds out what happened to her mother. Nolan suddenly asks about Emanda's guest room situation. Turns out he sold the Fortress of Solitude, and Ems has an extra guestroom, so... Nolan: "If... I'm gonna be your wingman this summer..." Ems: "No." Emanda pulls up a newspaper article on her laptop about a hospital being shut down. The photograph with the article features the black angel statue from Emanda's memory. An investment group bought the hospital and shut it down two days after her father was arrested. Nolan: "And the plot curdles." Oh, I missed you, Nolan.

Stowaway. Declan hands Jack paperwork from the health inspector saying they failed their health inspection. What they thought were grease spots turned out to really be signs of water damage from 65-year-old pipes. "Gross!" shouts Amily. Declan snaps back without missing a beat, "Yeah, it's a pretty toxic place to raise a kid!" Remember when Declan was just a grease spot? Now, he's water damage. Owww! Jack's natural reflex is to say they'll figure out how to fix it. With what money? Is Jack going to sell his boat again, or is Dec going to have to pony up his money he saved for college? I am Jack's lack of an answer.

Ashley now has her own mini Ashley following her around Grayson Manor with an iPad. Ash throws out some supposedly brilliant ideas about hiring redecorators and Mini Ash throws out, "You're so boss-some!" Ashley: "Don't say that." Thank you, Ash, for the first good thing you've ever done. Ashley is planning to auction off the cheapest art piece the Graysons own, but Conrad steps in to say he's already arranged for a piece to be delivered to the auction. I'll give you two guesses which painting it is, but you'll only need one.

Conrad finds Daniel drinking in his study. Always looking for the silver lining, dad Grayson points out that Dan has reason to celebrate. He tells Daniel he will be lifting the contingencies on his trust fund... so long as he invests it all back into Grayson Global. Conrad is a really good dad, guys. He thinks they need to send a message to the community that they're confident enough to bet on themselves. Dan doesn't see it that way. He feels the responsibility for Victoria's death falls on the both of them. If that's true, Conrad would prefer to bear that burden while being rich. Hear, hear, evil father. Dan says he'll need to think about what he wants to do.

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