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Memoriam Day

Amily lounges back on Jack's bed watching TV. Ems knocks and enters, and coldly says they have a lot to talk about. Oblivious Amily says Takeda debriefed her, so she's ready for anything Emanda needs. That won't be necessary since Ems is on a different path now, she tells Amily. Rebuffed, Amily begins pouting that she's already being pushed away by her bestie. That's enough of that. Ems asks how real could her situation be with Jack since he thinks she's really Amanda Clarke. Ams reminds Emanda that if he finds out the truth about her, everyone finds out the truth about Ems. Jack walks in with food for Amily, and his jaw practically drops. He awkwardly asks if everything is OK, probably hoping Emanda hasn't said anything about their night together. Ems gives Amily the opportunity to explain what's going on to Jack, and she defers. Emanda: "Amanda just asked me to be the baby's godmother."

Apprentice Man informs Takeda, who is contemplatively standing on a rock overlooking the beach where Ems was training, that Emanda is gone. He wants to guide her back. Takeda takes exception that his apprentice believes he can succeed where he has not. Apprentice Man: "I won't allow her to make the same mistake I did. I've lived with those consequences for too long." Takeda replies, "If you fail, the mission is over for both of you." Apprentice Man bows and leaves. Cryptic.


The dock full of yachts is bustling with music and the one percent. It's art auction time! A massive portrait of Victoria in memoriam sits on an easel on the dock. Ashley leads Mini Ash through a yacht, schmoozing the guests as she goes. Conrad stops her to ask where Daniel is. Brooding or drinking or both, she says. She's right. He's perched up against the railing of the boat, watching all the trust fund babies stroll up the dock. He spots Emanda in the crowd, which would be impossible not to do because she's smoking hot in a red dress. FLASHBACK: Daniel proposes to Emanda in the rain. /FLASHBACK. She waves to him. Conrad sidles over and notices the object of his son's attention. He suggests they reconcile, but Dan is supposedly happy having a girlfriend who doesn't cheat on him. Silly boy. Furthermore, he won't be investing back into the company. "You disappoint me," Conrad says before walking away.

Nolan walks up to the giant portrait of Victoria. Nolan to Emanda: "You think she's somewhere looking... up at us?" Ha! Ems enters the yacht and spots Ashley through a decorative indoor porthole window. This mirrors Emanda locking eyes with Victoria exactly a year ago in the exact same place. Clever show. Ash comes out to greet Ems, and before she can apologize for moving in on her fiancée, Daniel comes over to say hi. Emanda gives her condolences about Victoria and asks if he received a card she sent. Daniel asks his girlfriend if they got a card, and Ashley awkwardly says it was beautiful. Nolan brings over a drink for Emanda, and she jokes she won't be spilling it on Daniel's jacket this year. Shortly, she throws out a hypothetical invite for lunch and excuses herself. Daniel stares.

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